Chimney Extensions
Chimney Extensions


1920 pounds

Delivery Size

1 pallets

Chimney Extensions

Create needed clearance with addition chimney sections for your fireplace. Available in 24″ sections up to 48″.

Project Duration:

Add chimney extensions in 24" tall sections up to a max of 48" extra height.


Some people want to add height to their fireplace kit for aesthetic reasons. Others need to add height for additional clearance over structures.

  • Fits all fireplace models
  • Add up to four feet of chimney
  • Improves draft- great for windy areas
  • Improves the look of your kit
  • Requires a concrete footing

Dimensions for Chimney Extensions

Chimney Extension Bremley-1

All measurements are approximate

Chimney Extension Barrington

All measurements are approximate

You can build our kits. Jake walks you through every step.

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You will learn what to expect when building this project yourself. All of Jake’s kits are perfect for installers or DIYers. You don’t need any special skills or tools. All the pieces you need are included with your kit. There is no cutting or mortaring the blocks. You simply stack and glue the block together.

DIY stone BBQ grill station fireplace addition smoker, grill, and oven

Customize your fireplace kit in over 750 ways to make it Uniquely Yours

Combine Masterson Grill Stations in tons of ways with and without other add-ons and options. Choose from over 750 unique combinations to build a fireplace that is truly unique. All of our features, kits, and pieces are made to work together in an easy-to-build, easy-to-customize modular system that will help you achieve your ultimate backyard in less time using less money. By using our curated kits, you can know exactly how your outdoor living space will look before you buy. No more paper napkin plans. Choose our premium outdoor living kits and enjoy your dream backyard faster and cheaper than you thought possible.

Fireplace with grill and pizza oven on separate sides
Bremley See Through Fireplace Kit with Firewood Boxes and seat walls
Fireplace with grill and kamado on separate sides with dual wing walls

Don't forget add-ons and options for your DIY fireplace kit

Create the perfect setting for outdoor paradise. No two backyards are identical. And no two family's needs are the same. That is why we offer you tons of add-ons and options for you to configure your ultimate fireplace. All options are super simple to build and come with step-by-step instructions. Choose from these options or many more.

Estate Wing Walls

Define your outdoor space with useful seating and pier tables

Masterson-G Grill station with 32

Masterson Grill Stations

Fireplace with Grill and Oven options

Masterson DC Grill Station on Barrington Fireplace

Masterson-DC Stone BBQ Grill Station

"Dome Home" Kamado Grill Island

Masterson-G Grill station with 32

Masterson-GC Stone BBQ Grill Station

Masterson BBQ Grill Island for your fireplace

Masterson-KC Grill station with 32

Masterson-KC Stone BBQ Grill Station

Connected stone grill station with Summerset Grill and Grill Dome Kamado

Masterson OC grill station with Summerset Grill and Pizza Oven

Masterson-OC Stone BBQ Grill Station

Stone Grill station with gas Grill and Pizza Oven Combo

Masterson-VC Grill station with Summerset outdoor gas Pizza Oven

Masterson-VC Stone Pizza Oven Station

Fireplace with Pizza Oven add-on

Firebox with Deluxe wood boxes option in cottage buff

Wood Storage Box

Add function and style by adding storage for your firewood

Important Downloads for Chimney Extensions

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