Fire Tables and Bowls

These fire features are modern contemporary reimagining of the classic fire pit.

LUME Surround Smokeless Wood-Fired Fire Bowl

Modern Fire Bowl Style With Wood-Burning Simplicity

Sanctuary 3 Fire Bowl

Modern No-Fuss Fire Pit Alternative

Sanctuary 2 Large Fire Bowl

Gas Fired Contemporary Fire Pit

Sanctuary 1 Fire Table

A Sanctuary for your personal sanctuary

Sanctuary 76 Large Fire Table

Large Fire Table for a Bold Look

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Firegear Fire Tables and Bowls

American-Made Craftsmanship for Unbeatable Durability

When you invest in a Firegear GFRC fire table or fire bowl, you’re not just buying a decorative piece—you’re adding a quality-crafted, made-in-the-USA cornerstone to your outdoor living space. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill fire features; they’re designed to withstand the elements and stay beautiful for years to come.

Customization Meets Sophistication

You want a fire feature that feels like it was made just for you. With Firegear, customization isn’t an afterthought; it’s a given. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and finishes to create a piece that complements your outdoor decor seamlessly.

Match Throw Ignition: Simple and Reliable

Forget complicated setups. Firegear’s match throw ignition system brings ease and reliability to the table, letting you kick off your evening with a spark. No fuss, just fire.

Elevate Your Lifestyle, One Flame at a Time

Choosing a Firegear GFRC fire feature is about more than just utility—it’s about elevating your entire outdoor experience. Light up the night, invite friends over, or just enjoy a quiet evening with a glass of wine. With Firegear, your backyard becomes your sanctuary.

Firegear Fire Tables and Fire Bowls Feature Top-Quality Components Made in the USA

I truly believe Firegear is a great company that has a lot to offer. We get to research, use, and test tons of different fire features in the market. Many times, the quality doesn’t justify the price. Sometimes, there are products looking for a market. Firegear has a storied history of making quality heaters and burners for outdoor use. We are thrilled to be able to offer their Sanctuary line to our customers. We think you will be thrilled with Firegear, too.

Durability and Good Looks

When it comes to the perfect outdoor fire feature, Firegear’s GFRC lineup delivers in spades. Engineered with Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, these American-made pieces offer unbeatable durability without sacrificing aesthetics. They’re the epitome of rugged elegance that stands up to the elements year after year.

High Output Stainless Burners

Firegear’s high-output stainless steel burners are the powerhouse within these elegant fire features. Offering unmatched performance, these burners ensure an even, mesmerizing flame that doesn’t just warm your space but also elevates the atmosphere.

Round Burner
Match Throw Controls

Match Throw Dependability

Skip the complicated setups and go straight for the simple life. With Firegear’s match throw ignition system, starting your fire feature is as straightforward as it gets—no electricity or batteries needed. Just strike a match, and you’re in for an evening of cozy, reliable warmth.

Accessories for Your Investment

Each Firegear fire feature comes with a protective cover (except the 76), ensuring your investment remains pristine season after season. Customization doesn’t stop there. Choose from an array of optional accessories, including metal lids, windshields, and a variety of glass colors, to truly make it your own.

LUME Surround
Get modern looks in a wood-fired option.

Enjoy Wood-Burning over Gas-Fired?

LUME Surround is a Smokeless Wood-fired Fire Bowl

If you’re craving a sleek fire bowl but want the authentic experience of a real wood fire, then the LUME Surround is for you. This fire bowl captures the essence of a traditional wood fire—complete with that irresistible crackle—but in a modern, smokeless design. Without the need or expense of a gas hookup, It’s not just easy; it’s economical.

LP Tank Enclosure disguises as an end table.

Can’t run a gas line for your Fire Feature?

You can get all the benefits of a gas-fired fire feature without plumbing a gas line. You can choose to add the Liquid Propane Tank Enclosure Kit to your purchase. This GFRC box stores a 20# LP tank while doubling as a matching end table to your Sanctuary 1 Fire Table. The kit also comes with a special 12 foot long quick disconnect hose to attach to your burner system. Be sure to also purchase the LP conversion kit for this to work. 20″W x 20″D x 21.5″T. Weighs 159#. LP tank is not included.

Jake’s Take

Jake cuts through the marketing hype to tell you the real deal.

A Fireplace isn’t Right for Everyone

Let’s face it—not everyone vibes with the rustic allure of a traditional fireplace or firepit. Maybe your home decor leans more contemporary. Or perhaps you’re limited by space or local ordinances. That’s precisely why we partnered with Firegear to bring you an elegant, cutting-edge line of fire features. Now you have more choices to create your personal outdoor living paradise- or should I say sanctuary?

I Would Sell Firegear Products to My Mother

Firegear echoes our values—proudly made in America, built with an unwavering commitment to quality, and designed for the long haul. Their excellent customer service and durable, noncombustible designs mean that you’re investing in lasting quality and timeless appeal. So, if traditional isn’t your thing, but you still want that warm, glowing ambiance, this Firegear line offers you the best of both worlds.

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