Choose from our Affordable Selection of Fire Features

When it comes to the perfect outdoor fire feature, Firegear’s GFRC lineup delivers in spades. Engineered with Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, these American-made pieces offer unbeatable durability without sacrificing aesthetics. Choose from an array of optional accessories, including metal lids, windshields, and a variety of glass colors, to truly make it your own. Or go “old-school” and choose from one of our unique fire tower fire pits that mimic old-world tower ruins.

Fire Tables and Bowls

Contemporary Fire Features for Fire Lovers

LUME Surround
LUME Surround

Enjoy Burning Wood over Gas-Fired?

If you’re craving a sleek fire bowl but want the authentic experience of a real wood fire, then the LUME Surround is for you. This fire bowl captures the essence of a traditional wood fire—complete with that irresistible crackle—but in a modern, smokeless design. Without the need or expense of a gas hookup, It’s not just easy; it’s economical.

LUME Surround Smokeless Wood-Fired Fire Bowl

Modern Fire Bowl Style With Wood-Burning Simplicity

Sanctuary 3 Fire Bowl

Modern No-Fuss Fire Pit Alternative

Sanctuary 2 Large Fire Bowl

Gas Fired Contemporary Fire Pit

Sanctuary 1 Fire Table

A Sanctuary for your personal sanctuary

Sanctuary 76 Large Fire Table

Large Fire Table for a Bold Look

Unique Fire Pits

Choose from gas-fired and wood-fired pizza ovens

Our tall fire pit kits are great for campfire cooking.
Our tall fire pit kits are great for campfire cooking.

Our Fire Keep is Designed for Dutch Oven Cooking

Turn your outdoor living space into a culinary paradise with our “Pizzaplace” Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven Combo. Perfect for entertaining guests or spending a cozy evening with family, this combo offers the ultimate in warmth, ambiance, and versatility. Includes a stainless steel wood-fired professional-grade pizza oven to create delicious restaurant-quality meals right in your backyard.

LUME Surround Smokeless Wood-Fired Fire Bowl

Modern Fire Bowl Style With Wood-Burning Simplicity

Garden Folly Fireplace Ruins

Garden Ruins Fireplace Wall

Create a Stunning Outdoor Fireplace Focal Point with Our Unique Ruins Kit

Fire Keep Large Fire Pit

Amazing Party Centerpiece for Fire Lovers

Fire Spire Tower Ruins

Fire pit with chimney will be focal point of your backyard


This product exceeded my expectations from the ease of delivery through the very easy instructions to follow. I have no experience building these types of structures and I put up my fireplace in one weekend. Cant recommend this any higher!

Dale F.


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