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We take the stress out of planning a great outdoor living space. We only offer curated products that work great- and work great together.


Don’t be a victim of analysis paralysis. There are a lot of things to know about and consider when building a backyard dream space. Take the unknowns out of custom hardscape design and installation. Choose cornerstone complete line of premium, easy-to-build outdoor living kits. You will save time and money in planning your space and spend more time enjoying it!

Summerset Oven rack system
Cornerstone Block System
DIY stone outdoor Bremley fireplace kit with double wood storage box
Summerset Sizzler 32
Masterson DIY Grill Island Kit with Summerset Grill and Grill Dome Kamado mock-up

We have a unique building system

Designed to make kits easily

These blocks were specially designed to make hardscape features. These are not repurposed retaining wall blocks. This produces easy-to-make kits that save time. The wedge shapes help increase bonding ability for a solid product that is built to last.

Random stone look

Our stones are produced with through-body colored concrete. Then they are tumbled to give them a naturally aged look. The three sizes of block are able to create seven different face sizes creating the randomly laid appearance of natural stones.

No mortar needed

There is no mess and mixing of mortar. Our kits are simply glued together. You squeeze special adhesive from a caulk gun. This makes construction and clean up a breeze.

We are known for beginner friendly kits

  • All the materials you need are included. I even give you extra, so you won’t be held up by a missing or damaged piece.
  • You don’t have to mix or use mortar. All the pieces are glued together. We even include the adhesive.
  • You don’t have to make any cuts. All the pieces come pre-cut to the size you need. Simply lay them as the instructions show.
  • No special skills are required. You only need to be able to use a level and a caulk gun.
  • All the pieces are easy to handle. Unless you are installing stone slabs (pier caps or countertops) the heaviest piece is 30 pounds.
  • You can build it in a weekend. Once your foundation is ready, your kit can be built quickly.
Your outdoor living kit comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions are included.

Choose from tons of hardscape features

DIY stone outdoor fireplace kit loaded bremley


Masterson K DIY Stone Grill Island Kit with Summerset Grill and Grill Dome Kamado with food

Grill Islands

Fireplace with attached grill stations including kamado, grill, and gas pizza oven

Grill Stations

Fire Pit Arched Opening

Fire Pits

You can build a killer backyard

Some items shown are prototypes and do not reflect production models accurately

You can build our kits. Jake walks you through every step.

View our YouTube channel

You will learn what to expect when building this project yourself. All of Jake’s kits are perfect for installers or DIYers. You don’t need any special skills or tools. All the pieces you need are included with your kit. There is no cutting or mortaring the blocks. You simply stack and glue the block together.

Who is our system for?

People who want a high ROI

Home improvement isn’t cheap. and you don’t want to get bogged down spending time on high-maintenance items that you spend more time maintaining than using. By using our time-tested designs, you will get a high return on investment when you go to sell your property. Did we mention you’ll get plenty of hassle-free use from them, too?

People who like to save money

Custom hardscape projects can get expensive fast. You can be out thousands of dollars and still be in the planning stage. Remove costly overhead by using our expertly designed kits. You can customize them to your needs and budget.

People Who like to save time

Getting results isn’t always easy. You have to plan and research materials, products, and best practices. Then you have to take time to put the plan into actionable steps. Weeks can pass before you’re even close to shovel-ready. Using our predesigned and tested kits to get your project underway.

DIYers who love outdoor living

Let’s face it- outdoor living is cool. upgrading your home and expanding its useability isn’t just a monetary investment, it’s an investment in well-being. Spending time outside with friends and family allows you to connect with loved ones in ways that walled-in spaces can’t.

Professionals who need to deliver

You know how to build almost anything. Maybe a fireplace is a bit outside your wheelhouse. You also know how many man-hours can get eaten away when making custom outdoor kitchens and outdoor living features. Show your client exactly what you will deliver. Then deliver it in a timely manner so you can get to those other jibs that keep stacking up.

Customer testimonial pic


This kit was one of the easiest DYI projects I have ever completed. And I have never worked with stone before. The instructions were for true beginners. It turned out great.

Farrin W.


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