Barrington Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Our most classic design, the Barrington fireplace, is a premium outdoor kit. Anyone can quickly build this wood-burning stone look kit.

Base kit shown in front. Additional options shown in back.(accessories not included)
Height96 inches
Width55 inches
Depth51 inches
Weight9420 pounds
Delivery Size5 pallets

scroll down for detailed dimensions and drawings

Barrington is a traditional stone-look fireplace that will add value to your home.

Skill: Beginner

Project Duration: Weekend

Our most classic design, the Barrington fireplace, is a premium outdoor kit. This wood-burning stone look fireplace with chimney is larger than most DIY kits and includes everything you need to enjoy relaxing around the fire. While nothing extra is required, we offer upgrade options to take your Barrington kit to the next level. You can add a grill station, or even a pizza oven. Or you can pair this with another kit to make a patio your neighbors will envy.


  • Nominal dimensions: 55″W x 51″D x 8′ T
  • Large wide firebrick-lined firebox is 32″W x 25″D x 24″T
  • Large hearth is 16″ deep and 12″tall
  • Substantial mantle extends 8″
  • Stainless Steel spark arrestor is safe and easy to install
  • Excellent draft
  • Customizable options
  • Two-sided see-through option available
Barrington-Deluxe-Estate-in full glory
Our most classic design, the Barrington fireplace, is a premium outdoor kit. Anyone can quickly build this wood-burning stone look kit.

What to Expect from your Barrington Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Experience the Grandeur of Tradition with Barrington Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Embrace the blend of tradition and elegance with our Barrington Outdoor Fireplace Kit, a premium kit with a classic design that captures the timeless appeal of a wood-burning stone-look fireplace. This larger-than-average DIY kit includes everything you need to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your backyard. Now you can convert your fireplace to gas with our outdoor log sets and burner systems.

Barrington Fireplace Kit Offers Customizable Luxury that Simply Works

The Barrington Fireplace Kit is more than just a fireplace—it’s a gateway to luxury outdoor living. The kit’s customizable options let you elevate your outdoor experience with additional upgrades such as a grill station or pizza oven. Transform your backyard into a space your neighbors will envy with Barrington’s versatile, expandable design. We pair our DIY-friendly building system with the finest outdoor products we meticulously curate for performance, low maintenance, and value. This allows you to focus on buying the features you want to have in your patio design- not dive into months of research (filled with misleading marketing) for an outdoor grill, only to discover it doesn’t fit, is incompatible, or rusts out after two years. Our system is designed to look great together, and everything just works. Plus, if you need it; we include it. We don’t charge extra for things you need to make your purchase function as expected.

Experience Effortless Installation and Maximum Impact with Barrington Outdoor Fireplace Kit

With our Barrington Outdoor Fireplace Kit, luxury is within your reach—and it’s easier than you think to achieve. Our Easy-to-build DIY kit is designed for beginners and can be completed in a weekend, making it an accessible project that delivers high-end results. Create a custom outdoor fireplace that enhances your home’s value and aesthetic appeal without needing professional installation. Don’t take our word for it. See what your friends and neighbors are saying.

What is the deal?
This can’t be free. There must be a catch, right?

Get a Free 3D Mockup to See Our Products at Your Home!

There is no catch. The offer is simple but incredibly valuable. Send us a picture of your outdoor space, and we’ll send back a 3D mockup featuring up to four of our products on your patio—in scale! No worries. No second-guessing your decision. See your new fireplace or Outdoor Kitchen in your space. It doesn’t get better than this.

Castle Gray Blend

Cottage Buff Blend

Choose from two stone-colored blends

Click here to download our color-calibrated swatch PDF.

The Barrington model is our best selling fireplace kit for a reason

Breathe life into your classic outdoor space with the Barrington Fireplace Kit. Its traditional aesthetic seamlessly complements your home, serving as a cozy gathering spot for family and friends. Add a touch of timeless elegance to your backyard and enjoy many memorable moments around the warm glow of the fire.

Obtain Traditional Elegance for Classic Homes with the Barrington Fireplace Kit

When you picture a fireplace in your mind, chances are it closely matches the shape and aesthetic of our most traditional outdoor fireplace- the Barrington Standard. This timeless design fits into many backyards because it easily blends into almost any home aesthetic no matter what the building style. Its stone appearance allows you to incorporate other landscape design elements in your patio plan without the formality of a brick fireplace. Plus, our stone-look color options helps it peacefully coexist with almost any brick. Adding a traditional brick fireplace adds difficult decisions in trying to match long discontinued brick. It also does this at a fraction of the cost of natural stone or manufactured stone veneer.

Warm yourself by the fire using wood or gas

All our outdoor fireplaces are designed primarily to be wood-fired. They are tuned to output heat and draft well. Since wood-burning fireplaces are the most durable and robustly built, you can easily turn them into gas-fired fireplaces with propane or natural gas burning log sets and burner systems. And because al our outdoor fireplace options are 8″thick solid masonry plus a firebrick lined firebox, you are ensured to have a safe, non-combustible fireplace to gather around for decades.

Your Barrington can be customized with several outdoor specific features to fit your entertaining needs and outdoor lifestyle

Seat Wall, Serving Buffets, Kamado smokers, Pizza Ovens, Outdoor ovens, Gas Grills, Wood Storage… Mix and match and connect all kinds of extras and upgrades to turn your fireplace into an extension of your home and lifestyle. Buying into the Cornerstone building system allows you to personalize and expand your outdoor living space way beyond the scope of manufacturers that only specialize in one item or another. We are constantly expanding our offerings and adding curated outdoor living options to our line-up. And because we choose only the most performative options, you can rest assured that you have a top-of-the-line outdoor entertaining space. Did we mention we source as much as possible from US manufacturers? Yeah, because giving Americans good jobs to create the best products available is an important responsibility we all share.

Dimensions for Barrington Outdoor Fireplace Kit


All dimensions approximate.

Standard Firebox Dimensions

Standard Firebox Detail

free 3D model mockup

Snag Your Free 3D Mockup Today

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Our system is designed to be like stacking blocks or connecting LEGO. But sometimes, having a little help goes a long way. Let us help you. We will ensure you get the layout or fireplace you need.

Real Customer Builds by People with No Masonry Experience

If this 82 year old can make it look easy- so can YOU

Can You Really Build an Outdoor Fireplace?

Doubt that you can build your own outdoor fireplace? It’s incredibly easy. Don’t take our word for it. Ask Jim- our 82-year-old customer!

Level Up Your Outdoor Experience with Customizable Add-Ons

From Chimney Extensions to Outdoor Kitchen Units: Tailor Your Fireplace

Customize your DIY outdoor fireplace kit with these add-ons

Create the perfect setting for an outdoor paradise. No two backyards are identical. And no two families’ needs are the same. That is why we offer you tons of add-ons and options to configure your ultimate fireplace. All options are super simple to build and come with step-by-step instructions. Choose from these options or many more.

Chimney Extensions

Chimney Extensions

You can add chimney extensions in 24" tall sections up to a max of 48". Our outdoor fireplaces are not...

Brimley fireplace kit in buff with attached seat walls

Estate Wing Walls

Estate wing walls add elegance to your fireplace. They make your fireplace appear larger and add separation between your patio...

Gas Burner and Log Sets for Outdoor Fireplaces

Expertly crafted, ultra-realistic gas log sets elevate your outdoor environment, creating an unforgettable gathering around the fireplace.

Firebox with Deluxe wood boxes option in cottage buff

Wood Storage Box

We call a pair of wood boxes our "Deluxe" option. This common upgrade for your fireplace kit gives you stylish...

Combine Unity Outdoor Kitchen Components with Fireplaces for a Killer Grill Station

Once again you can combine Unity alone or with other features to create your custom fireplace grill station.

Unity-G Grill Station

Fireplace with Gas Grill island attached

Unity-G+ Grill Station

Fireplace with Gas Grill island and storage attached

Unity-K Grill Station

Fireplace with Kamado Grill island attached

Unity-K+ Grill Station

Fireplace with Kamado Grill island and storage attached

Outdoor fireplace with connected wood storage and wood burning pizza oven connected.

Unity-Z Grill Station

Fireplace with Pizza Oven island attached

Brimley outdoor fireplace kit with attached pizza oven plus stainless steel storage and wood box.

Unity-Z+ Grill Station

Fireplace with Pizza Oven island and storage attached

Outdoor fireplace with connected combo grill station featuring Kamado and Gas Grill.

Unity-C Combo Grill Station

Fireplace with Gas Grill and Kamado island with storage attached

Brimley outdoor fireplace with connected unity grill station and wing wall.

Unity with Wing Walls

Add Unity components with your favorite options

Outdoor fireplace kit fully loaded with grill stations connected on on both sides.

Multiple Unity Additions

Add multiple Unity components for the ultimate grill station

Build your fireplace in a weekend youtube video

Your DIY kit is easy and fun to build. We walk you through every step of the process.

Jake takes you step-by-step on an in-depth dive into everything you need to know to build any one of his fireplace kits. From the first course, lining the firebox with firebrick, all the way to capping the chimney- you will learn what to expect when building this project yourself.

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