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Update your patio in a weekend with an easy-to-build DIY Fireplace or Grill Island kit

Don’t have time to research, compare, and design your patio space? Use our customizable kits for your dream outdoor living space. We offer easy-to-build kits, including grill islands, outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, and more. All are DIY-friendly and easy to mix and match to create a backyard paradise with no hassle.

You can find everything you need to create the perfect entertaining area in your backyard. We offer the industry’s top outdoor kits. We painstakingly design our features to be the highest quality yet easiest-to-build kits you will find at any price. Our kits are designed up to an exacting standard and never down to a price point. Yet you will still be able to afford the upscale looks and high quality at a price you can afford. 

These customers built it. You can, too!

Inexpensive DIY kits make building your outdoor living patio fun and easy

Creating an amazing outdoor living space does NOT have to be difficult. After spending hours looking at backyard patio ideas, you are excited to start planning your own. Then the reality sets in. This can take lots of time and money. There are so many unknowns and so many products to choose from. You begin to get overwhelmed or even suffer from choice overload and analysis paralysis. Well, you no longer need to worry. We are here to help. Cornerstone has assembled a dream team of installers, manufacturers, vendors, and designers to cut through the haze and bring you outdoor living features that are simple to build and simply work.

Too often, people underestimate what it takes to successfully install a functional, cohesive outdoor vision. Many times, people have an idea, but don’t know how to communicate it. Moreover, that can’t execute the vision. Even organized people that can make decisions don’t know what they are missing, what components work together, and what they don’t know. We are here to toss those headaches aside. Whether you plan to install your dream patio yourself (DIY), or have someone else install it for you, our kits will save you time and money. You will also know exactly what to expect from the finished product.

Customer Reviews

This kit was one of the easiest DYI project I have ever completed. And I have never worked with stone before. The instructions were for true beginners. It turned out great.

Farrin W.

Really, You can build it

Don’t take our word for it. See what these customers had to say

If you can read a level and instructions, you can glue this together. The instructions were easy to follow. Thanks Cornerstone!

Kelly V

Who is our outdoor living kits for?

People who want a high ROI

Home improvement isn’t cheap. and you don’t want to get bogged down spending time on high-maintenance items that you spend more time maintaining than using. By using our time-tested designs, you will get a high return on investment when you go to sell your property. Did we mention you’ll get plenty of hassle-free use from them, too?

People who like to save money

Custom outdoor living projects can get expensive fast. You can be out thousands of dollars and still be in the planning stage. Remove costly overhead by using our expertly designed kits. You can customize them to your needs and budget.

People Who like to save time

Getting results isn’t always easy. You have to plan and research materials, products, and best practices. Then you have to take time to put the plan into actionable steps. Weeks can pass before you’re even close to shovel-ready. Using our predesigned and tested kits to get your project underway.

DIYers who love outdoor living

Let’s face it- outdoor living is cool. upgrading your home and expanding its useability isn’t just a monetary investment. It’s an investment in well-being. Spending time outside with friends and family gives you ways to connect with loved ones in ways that walled-in spaces can’t.

Professionals who need to deliver

You know how to build almost anything. Maybe a fireplace is a bit outside your wheelhouse. You also know how many man-hours can get eaten away when making custom outdoor kitchens and outdoor livimg features. Show your client exactly what you will deliver. Then deliver it in a timely manner so you can get to those other jibs that keep stacking up.

We have a foolproof system. We constantly design kits that fit your needs and coordinate with each other. More importantly, we only offer options that perform great, look amazing, and are low maintenance. You won’t be burdened by options with little value or dubious function. Thankfully, our color blends are timeless. They fit into their natural surroundings while coordinating with your home. Most important is that our kits are super simple to build. We pride ourselves on our easy step-by-step process for DIY enthusiasts. Therefore, you can complete most builds in a few hours for a grill-island to a weekend for a fireplace.

DIY stone BBQ grill station fireplace addition smoker, grill, and oven

Customize your fireplace kit in over 750 ways to make it Uniquely Yours

Combine Masterson Grill Stations in tons of ways with and without other add-ons and options. Choose from over 750 unique combinations to build a fireplace that is truly unique. All of our features, kits, and pieces are made to work together in an easy-to-build, easy-to-customize modular system that will help you achieve your ultimate backyard in less time using less money. By using our curated kits, you can know exactly how your outdoor living space will look before you buy. No more paper napkin plans. Choose our premium outdoor living kits and enjoy your dream backyard faster and cheaper than you thought possible.

Fireplace with grill and pizza oven on separate sides
Bremley See Through Fireplace Kit with Firewood Boxes and seat walls
Fireplace with grill and kamado on separate sides with dual wing walls

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