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You don’t need much time and money for the ULTIMATE backyard!

Browse our outdoor kits- we have several products and tons of customization options for your needs. Plus, our kits are made to mix and match, making putting together your backdoor paradise a breeze!

Choose from our affordable Outdoor Living kits to save time and money

Save $500 when you buy the Ashford Fireplace and Metro Grill Island Patio Package

Enjoy a summer filled with relaxation and fun in your new outdoor living space. This combo’s high-quality, compact design makes it perfect for smaller backyards and budgets. Our step-by-step instructions and included materials make installation a breeze. Choose between our Metro-D Grill Island with an included Grill Dome Kamado smoker grill for ultimate cooking versatility or our Metro-G Grill Island with a 26″ Summerset Sizzler gas grill for ultimate ease and convenience.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Patio with Our Metro Compact Fireplace and Grill Island Combo. Includes Fireplace and your choice of grill island:

Easy Remodel Patio Ideas You Can Do Over a Weekend with an Affordable DIY Fireplace and Grill Island Kit

Remodeled Patio with Cornerstone Fireplace and Grill Island

Don’t have time to research, compare, and design your patio space? Use our customizable kits for your dream outdoor living space. We offer easy-to-build kits, including grill islands, outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, and more. All are DIY-friendly and easy to mix and match to create a backyard paradise with no hassle.

You can find everything you need to create the perfect entertaining area in your backyard. We offer the industry’s top outdoor kits. We painstakingly design our features to be the highest quality yet easiest-to-build kits you will find at any price. Our kits are designed to an exact standard and never down to a price point. Yet you will still be able to afford the upscale looks and high quality at a price you can afford. 

Choose from a full line of customizable Outdoor Fireplace Kits

Design your fireplace over 750 different ways!
Design your fireplace over 750 different ways!

Customize over 750 ways to make it Uniquely Yours

Combine Masterson Grill Stations in tons of ways with and without other add-ons and options. Choose from over 750 unique combinations to build a fireplace that is truly unique. All of our features, kits, and pieces are made to work together in an easy-to-build, easy-to-customize modular system that will help you achieve your ultimate backyard in less time using less money. By using our curated kits, you can know exactly how your outdoor living space will look before you buy. No more paper napkin plans. Choose our premium outdoor living kits and enjoy your dream backyard faster and cheaper than you thought possible.

Small outdoor fireplace with seat wing walls

Ashford Small Fireplace Kit

Luxury Small Fireplace with Firewood Storage Included

Get a LOADED Ashford small fireplace kit for the price of a standard model. Designed for tiny lots and small budgets. Storage boxes included.

Barrington Fireplace for decks

Barrington Fireplace for Deck and Raised Patios

Flush Mount Fireplace for Raised Decks and Patios

Looking for a fireplace to update your deck? Our flush-mount fireplace is specifically built for a raised deck or patio.

Barrington-Deluxe-Estate-in full glory

Barrington Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Barrington is a traditional stone-look fireplace that will add value to your home.

Our most classic design, the Barrington fireplace, is a premium outdoor kit. Anyone can quickly build this wood-burning stone look kit.

Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit

Two-sided fireplace brings twice the enjoyment

The Barrington See Through fireplace is a premium kit. It includes everything you need to enjoy relaxing around both sides of the fire.

DIY stone outdoor fireplace kit loaded bremley

Bremley Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Upscale design will update your patio space

Updated and upscale, the Bremley fireplace, is a premium outdoor kit. This wood-burning DIY kit is large and includes everything you need.

Bremley Outdoor See-Through fireplace Deluxe Estate in Buff

Bremley See Through Fireplace Kit

See-Thru design is great for large patio and pool areas

Bremley See Through Fireplace is made for entertaining around the fire. Great for large patios and pool areas. Customizable to your vision.

Bremley TV-Deluxe-Estate Fireplace kit

Bremley TV Fireplace Kit

Put the big game at the center of your outdoor living space

Our Bremley TV fireplace allows you to add a TV mounting option to your Bremley fireplace and easily mount a 55' TV and sound bar.

Optional Add-ons for your Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Create the perfect setting for your outdoor paradise. No two backyards are identical. Certainly, no two families’ needs are the same. Thus, we offer you tons of add-ons and options for you to configure your ultimate fireplace. Furthermore, all options are super simple to build and come with step-by-step instructions. Choose from these options or many more.

Grill Island with Kamado and gas grill included - matching Grill Dome shown
Grill Island with Kamado and gas grill included – matching Grill Dome shown

Grill like a true Master Chef with a Grill Island Kit

The Masterson Grill Island line features grill stations that will become the cornerstone of your outdoor kitchen and yard. Importantly, Masterson Grill Islands offer a premium grill for professionals or an upgrade for passionate home chefs. Moreover, they are all made of top-quality materials with a thoughtful design. Indeed, they will last for decades.

Affordable Small Grill Island with 26

Metro-G Small BBQ Grill Island

Small BBQ Grill Island for your Summerset Gas Grill hosts BIG Gatherings

Our Metro-G is an affordable small Grill Island for small yards, small patios, and small budgets, yet remains premium in every way.

Affordable Small Grill Island-Grill Dome Kamado

Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island

Compact and Affordable Grill Island with Infinity X2 Kamado Smoker

Our Metro-D is an affordable small Kamado Grill Island for small yards, small patios, and small budgets, yet premium in every way.

Masterson D DIY Stone Grill Island Kit with Grill Dome Kamado Buff

Masterson-D Grill Island with Kamado Smoker

Outdoor Stone BBQ Island with Grill Dome Kamado Smoker

The Dome Home- or Masterson D- grill Island is the ultimate island to house the nation's best kamado- the included Grill Dome Infinity X2!

Masterson K DIY Stone Grill Island Kit with Summerset Grill and Grill Dome Kamado with food

Masterson-K Grill Island with Kamado and BBQ Grill

Build Your Outdoor Kitchen with the Professional Grill Island featuring an Included Kamado and 32″ Stainless BBQ Grill

Be the king of your neighborhood with our Masterson K Outdoor BBQ Grill Island. Includes large Grill Dome kamado and 32" Summerset grill.

Grill Island with Summerset Oven and grill

Masterson-O BBQ Grill Island with Pizza Oven

Enjoy the Professional-Grade Performance of a Grill and Oven in a Full Masonry BBQ Grill Island

Masterson-O Outdoor BBQ Grill Island w/Pizza Oven makes a complete outdoor cooking center. Professional Summerset outdoor appliances included

Masterson Grill Island Kit with included Summerset 32

Masterson-G BBQ Grill Island

DIY Stone Grill Island Command Center

The Masterson BBQ Grill Island is a premium grilling station in a maintenance free package. It includes a Sizzler grill for professional results.

Get proven luxurious results in record time with our all-inclusive DIY kits

Juggling multiple variables of hardscape design and installation can be quite daunting. Identifying the most proven materials and products on the market can be overwhelming. Moreover, troubleshooting bespoke designs can result in a waste of valuable resources. Our curated products help you avoid the pitfalls of unproven solutions, saving you time and money.

  • All the materials you need are included. You get extra pieces, so you won’t be held up by a missing or damaged piece.
  • You don’t use mortar. All the pieces are glued together. We even include the adhesive.
  • You don’t cut anything. All the pieces come pre-cut to the size you need. Simply lay them as the instructions show.
  • No special skills are required. You only need to be able to use a level and a caulk gun.
  • Pieces are easy to manage. Unless you install stone slabs (pier caps or countertops), the heaviest piece is 30 pounds.
  • You can build it on a weekend. Once your foundation is ready, your kit can be built quickly. You stack and glue.
Your outdoor living kit comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions

Easy step-by-step instructions are included. It is like Lego for adults. (Not affiliated with Lego.)

Customer Gallery – See What Our Customers Have Built with Our Kits

If They Can Build It, So Can You! Gain confidence in our Customer Success Stories

Here is a sample of what people like you have built in their backyards. These are not professional builds; these kits were built by regular people with no previous masonry experience.

Bremley Outdoor stone fireplace kit with grill station featuring a stone buffet serving table on one side with Summerset 32

Make Your Backyard the Place to Be with Our Outdoor Fireplace and Pizza Oven Combo

Impress Your Guests with Style and Flavor Using Our Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven Kit

Turn your outdoor living space into a culinary paradise with our Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven Combo. Perfect for entertaining guests or spending a cozy evening with family, this combo offers the ultimate in warmth, ambiance, and versatility. With easy-to-use controls and a professional-grade pizza oven, you’ll be able to create delicious restaurant-quality meals right in your backyard.

Garden Entrance Ruin with Fireplace Patio Idea
Garden Entrance Ruin with Fireplace Patio Idea

Upgrade your yard with our Unique Cottage Ruins Kits

Discover the enchanting world of garden ruins and garden folly kits, designed to transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis combining historic charm and modern functionality.

Garden Entrance Ruin Solo

Garden Ruins Entrance

Garden entrance ruins are perfect for low-maintenance landscapes. Combine with other ruins kits to fit patios from 200-900 square feet.

Window Wall Room Ruins

Cottage Corner Room Ruins creates a patio area not connected to a structure. They are perfect for naturalized and low-maintenance landscapes.

Small Window Nook Corner Ruins with Sitting Wall

Garden Ruins Window Seating Nook

Our Window Nook Ruins kit is the smallest, most versatile "building block" when designing your personal patio ruin. You can easily use two!

Cottage-Ruins-DIY-Fireplace-Wall-Kit only

Garden Ruins Fireplace Wall

Fireplace Ruins is a patio centerpiece. Easily creates a spot for relaxing or entertaining. Combines with other ruins kits from our line.

Take the stress out of outdoor living and get your project underway immediately!

Relax. Outdoor living is easy. With our complete line of pre-designed kits, you can have the space of your dreams faster and easier than ever before. Choose one of our ready-made kits and start building with confidence. Obviously, each kit comes with a step-by-step instruction manual with illustrations. More importantly, each set of directions is thoughtfully presented in painstaking detail. Therefore, you only need to stack the blocks as shown in the illustrations and glue them together. We’ve thought out every detail, so you don’t have to.

Why buy our DIY kits when creating your outdoor living oasis?

1. You will Save Money with Our Easy-to-Build Kits

Custom hardscape projects can get expensive fast. You can be out thousands of dollars and still be in the planning stage. Then, you pay for your contractor to troubleshoot their mistakes. Remove costly overhead by using our expertly designed kits. You can customize them to your needs and budget.

2. You will Save Time with Our Customizable Kits

Getting a result isn’t easy. You must plan and research materials, products, and best practices (or contractors). Then someone must put the plan into actionable steps. Months can pass before a shovel hits the dirt. Using our predesigned and tested kits to get your project underway.

3. You will Upgrade Your Outdoor Living on a Budget

Now is the time to spend money on your home. Most investments are losing value, and your money loses power sitting in a bank. Put money into your property that you can enjoy. Upgrading your home and expanding its useability isn’t just a monetary investment; it’s an investment in well-being. Moreover, you’ll recoup your investment when you sell your property.

4. You won’t need skilled labor installing our easy-to-build kits

You deserve a fantastic personal space to relax and recharge. Moreover, you deserve a rockin’ pad to throw parties and entertain guests. You also know how many hours procuring a rockin’ pad can take. Spend time enjoying your killer patio- not building it. Most of our DIY kits can be built in a weekend or less. You don’t need special tools or skills- our kits are fun and easy to build.

We have many articles and PDFs to help you create your dream outdoor living space

Castle-Gray Blend Outdoor kit color swatch

A Deep Dive into Our Material Choices

Our material choices are a testament to our values. From the design to the materials we use, every choice is made with careful consideration.

Backyard idea with a tiny square layout design that features a stone Fireplace and stone BBQ Grill Island

Amazing Tiny Square Patio Ideas

Our small square patio ideas will help you achieve your dream backyard. You can make it happen quickly with our design layout and DIY kits.

Cheap Disposable Grills vs. High-End Professional Stainless Grills

We've all used cheap grills. But is a $1200 grill that much better than a $300 one? Read to find out what to expect for your extra cash.

Customer testimonial pic


This kit was one of the easiest DYI projects I have ever completed. And I have never worked with stone before. The instructions were for true beginners. It turned out great.

Farrin W.


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