Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit

The Barrington See Through fireplace is a premium kit. It includes everything you need to enjoy relaxing around both sides of the fire.
Base kit shown in front. Additional options shown in back.(accessories not included)
Height96 inches
Width55 inches
Depth51 inches
Weight9420 pounds
Delivery Size5 pallets

scroll down for detailed dimensions and drawings

Barrington See Through Outdoor Fireplace

Two-sided fireplace brings twice the enjoyment

Skill: Beginner

Project Duration: Weekend

Our most popular design, the Barrington fireplace, is a premium outdoor kit. This wood-burning fireplace is larger than most DIY kits and includes everything you need to enjoy relaxing around the fire. While nothing extra is required, we offer upgrade options to take your Barrington kit to the next level.

  • Nominal dimensions: 55″W x 51″D x 8′”H
  • Large wide firebrick-lined firebox is 32″W x 25″D x 24″H
  • Large hearth is 16″ deep and 12″tall
  • Substantial mantle extends 8″
  • Stainless Steel spark arrestor is safe to install
  • Excellent draft
  • Customizable options
  • Standard fireplace opening available
Deck out your Barrington outdoor fireplace with wood boxes and seat walls.
The Barrington See Through fireplace is a premium kit. It includes everything you need to enjoy relaxing around both sides of the fire.

What to Expect from your Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit

Our Two-Sided Outdoor Fireplace Kit Provides Double the Warmth and Double the Pleasure

Enjoy the beauty of an outdoor fire from two different perspectives with our Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit. This innovative design lets you experience the warmth and glow of the fire from both sides, making it a focal point of your outdoor space.

The Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit is an Innovative Take on Traditional Fireplaces

Break from the norm with the Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit. This unique design lets you enjoy your fire from both sides, providing a cozy gathering point for friends and family.

Building Your Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit: Simple Yet Sophisticated

Building the Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit is a breeze with our comprehensive DIY package. In just a weekend, you can assemble this centerpiece of your outdoor space. No need for a professional or special tools – just a few basic tools and some free time are required.

Amplify Your Outdoor Space with the Barrington See-Through Fireplace Kit

Why enjoy a fire from just one side when you can have a see-through fireplace? The Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit is a unique, easy-to-build solution that elevates your outdoor space. It not only increases the value and function of your home but also ensures your neighbors’ envy. Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell them how affordable and easy it was to build!

Experience Double the Coziness with our Two-Sided Fireplace

Unwind by the fire, no matter where you sit. The Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit provides a dual-sided view of the mesmerizing flames, doubling your relaxation and enjoyment. Despite its grandeur, it is surprisingly easy and cheap to build. Make your outdoor space a dream patio with this innovative fireplace kit!

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There is no catch. The offer is simple but incredibly valuable. Send us a picture of your outdoor space, and we’ll send back a 3D mockup featuring up to four of our products on your patio—in scale! No worries. No second-guessing your decision. See your new fireplace or Grill Island in your space. It doesn’t get better than this.

Castle-Gray Blend Outdoor kit color swatch

Castle Gray Blend

Cottage buff swatch

Cottage Buff Blend

Classic Aesthetics for Pool Areas with Barrington See-through Fireplace Kit

For those with a love for classic aesthetics and larger outdoor spaces, especially with pool areas, the Barrington See-through Fireplace Kit is your match. Its dual-sided design offers a mesmerizing view of the flames from multiple angles, serving as a captivating backdrop to your evening soirées or afternoon relaxations. Enjoy the charm of timeless elegance while taking a dip or lounging by the pool.

Dimensions for Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit

Two-Sided Firebox Dimensions

See Through Firebox detail with approx. measurements


All dimensions approximate.

Important Downloads for Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit- Be Informed With our Free Instructions, Dimensions, and Building Guides

Real Customer Builds by People with No Masonry Experience

Take your outdoor fireplace kit to the next level

Customize your fireplace with functional options

Customize your DIY outdoor fireplace kit with these add-ons

Create the perfect setting for an outdoor paradise. No two backyards are identical. And no two families’ needs are the same. That is why we offer you tons of add-ons and options to configure your ultimate fireplace. All options are super simple to build and come with step-by-step instructions. Choose from these options or many more.

Chimney Extensions

Add chimney extensions in 24″ tall sections up to a max of 48″ extra height. Stop at any 4″ increment.

Firewood Storage Boxes

Add function to your fireplace with firewood storage additions. Available singularly or as a pair

Estate Wing Walls

Seat walls add a crucial seating and border wall to your space. Piers function as tables, too.

Masterson-DC BBQ Grill Station

Add a sweet Grill Dome kamado grill station to your fireplace

Masterson-GC BBQ Grill Station

Host a Party with this killer BBQ grill station add-on.

Masterson-KC BBQ Grill Station

Fireplace addition with BBQ grill and kamado smoker together

Masterson-OC BBQ Grill Station

Make yours a Fireplace with Pizza Oven and Grill

Masterson-VC BBQ Grill Station

Add a Pizza Oven to your Fireplace

Arizona Weathered Oak Fire Log Set 18

Gas Log Sets for Outdoor Fireplaces

Convert your wood-fired fireplace to gas-fueled

Take your design ideas to reality with our DIY Barrington See Through Fireplace Kit

It seems hard to believe, but you can achieve a professional outdoor living space in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. We have designed easy and fun-to-build masonry kits that a handy beginner can quickly assemble. We have a purpose-designed stone building system created to make creating outdoor living features quick. And since they are solid masonry, they are durable and virtually maintenance-free. Don’t worry about messy mortar. Our blocks are designed to be stacked and glued together- It’s like building blocks for adults! Be sure to watch our videos for more information on what to expect.

Build your fireplace in a weekend youtube video

Your DIY kit is easy and fun to build. We walk you through every step of the process.

Jake takes you step-by-step on an in-depth dive into everything you need to know to build any one of his fireplace kits. From the first course, lining the firebox with firebrick, all the way to capping the chimney- you will learn what to expect when building this project yourself.

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