Gas Burner and Log Sets for Outdoor Fireplaces

Expertly crafted, ultra-realistic gas log sets elevate your outdoor environment, creating an unforgettable gathering around the fireplace.

We offer Gas Log and Burner sets for Your Fireplace

Enjoy the convenience of a gas-powered outdoor fireplace

Quaking Aspen Fire Log Set 18

Quaking Aspen Gas Log Set

Chic White Birch + Alabaster Tones

Arizona Juniper Fire Log Set 18

Arizona Juniper Gas Log Set

Splitting + Wood Decay Details | Sourced From Northern Arizona

Weathered Driftwood Fire Log Set 18

Western Driftwood Gas Log Set

Sun-Bleached with Rich Earth Tones | Sourced From the Grand Canyon

Arizona Weathered Oak Charred Fire Log Set 18

Arizona Weathered Oak Charred Gas Log Set

Rustic Charred Details | Sourced From the Red Vermillion Cliffs

Arizona Weathered Oak Fire Log Set 18

Arizona Weathered Oak Gas Log Set

Lighting Struck Oak Details | Sourced From the Red Vermillion Cliffs

We include everything you need to convert your fireplace to natural gas

You know us. We make it easy. No worrying about if you chose the right size or ordered all the needed parts. We include everything needed to turn your fireplace kit into a gas-fired unit. As with our other gas fire features, we only offer manual light burners. We don’t sell expensive electronic systems that can’t be relied on in outdoor settings. Don’t ask us to sell one to you. We don’t want the headache when it fails you next season. Trust us- you don’t either.

Stainless Burner
Standard Firebox Burner
See-Through Firebox Burner

Your Chosen Fire Log Set is Paired with a Stainless Steel Outdoor Burner System

Our gas log burners are manufactured in the Heartland of America using high-quality stainless-steel components and a fully welded frame.

  • Size: 18”
  • Style: Main Rear Burner with Dual Action Front Ember Burner
  • Standards: Built to ANSI Standards
  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Materials: 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
  • Piping: 1/2” Piping & ½” Bar Stock “
  • Fittings: Gas Inlet Left or Right
  • Convertible to LP: NG Burner Convertible to LP
  • Media: Includes Lava Rock, Embers, & Connection Fittings
  • Pilot: with Concealed Pilot Mounting Brackets
  • Design: Fully Welded System with Sandless Design + Available in See-Through Model

Manual Shut-off Valve Included

Because we value your eyebrows and eyelids

Gas Logs Might Be Your Next Best Fireplace Friend

Convenience at Its Best: No more hunting for firewood or waiting for it to catch fire. With our new gas logs, you’re just a switch away from a warm, cozy fire.

Lifetime Warranty: Our USA-made gas logs and stainless burner sets are crafted for durability. We believe in them so much that we offer a lifetime warranty. That’s how sure we are of their quality!

Clean & Efficient: Gas logs offer a clean burn. No more ash to clean up or concerns about sparks. It’s a streamlined experience that many homeowners appreciate.

Mood-Setter: Want a quick romantic setting or an impromptu marshmallow roast with the kids? Gas logs provide instant ambiance without the prep time.

A Few Things to Ponder About Choosing Gas-Fired Logs for your Outdoor Fireplace

Aesthetics vs. Ease: While gas logs offer unbeatable convenience, some purists argue that they miss the visual appeal and aroma of real wood. But let’s be real – there are evenings when we just want the warmth without the work.

Cost Efficiency: Gas logs can be more cost-effective in the long run. No more purchasing or chopping wood. Moreover, you won’t need a place to store it. Plus, with our lifetime warranty, you’re making a sound investment.

Jake’s Take

Jake cuts through the marketing hype to tell you the real deal.

I’m Sometimes Jealous of The Unbeatable Convenience of Gas Logs

Historically, we’ve been all about that authentic, wood-burning experience. The crackle of the logs, the aromatic waft of wood smoke… it’s unbeatable, right? But here’s a confession: there are days when even I, a die-hard wood-burning guy, wish for the simplicity and quick warmth of gas logs.

There have been chilly evenings after a long day when all I wanted was instant warmth without the fuss. That’s where our new gas logs come in. They’re a game-changer. Even though I might not give up my wood-burning fireplace entirely, I totally get the appeal. Whether you’re a busy professional, someone who values ease and efficiency, or just someone looking to add another tool to their outdoor living arsenal, our gas logs are worth considering. Our American made log sets are as realistic as you will find. So you aren’t giving up much in aesthetics for a big gain in convenience.

GCGL Stainless Steel burners (designated -SS) carry a life time warranty against manufacture defects or breakage when installed indoors, in an outdoor fireplace or outdoor type room (two, three Seasons type room) and by a professional installer. Stainless Steel finish will brown and age after burning. In the event defect or breakage occurs, a replacement will be available to pick up from the dealer at which the log set was originally purchased or shipped directly to the customer if ordered online. This warranty does not cover breakage caused by excessive handling once installed and fired and does not cover improper installation. This warranty is limited to original purchaser only.

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