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Long patio layout drawing

How to Plan an Amazing Patio: Read This Before you Buy Anything or Start your Patio Project


Planning Your Outdoor Patio Space? Start with our Comprehensive Guide. It includes actionable steps to guide you through every st...
Outdoor patio

DIY Outdoor Patio Planning: Essential Guide to Laying Out Fireplaces, Kitchens, and More


This guide introduces simple yet effective techniques that allow you to precisely lay out your outdoor projects using only simple...
building your screed/batter boards

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace- Part 1


This article has actionable steps to follow when undertaking a backyard project, like installing a fireplace kit or other hardsca...
Quality plastic patio furniture is always a viable option

Maximize Your Patio: 10 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture


Our tips help you craft your dream patio by making strategic decisions about patio furniture while maintaining functionality and...
Working in the garden is relaxing and has many health benefits.

Design Your Outdoor Living Space with Purposely Chosen Plants


Learn to Enhance your outdoor living space with strategic plant choices. Softscaping is the soul of your outdoor living and patio...
Fireplace kit build- keep your blocks straight and flush

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace- Part 2 Step-by-Step


Time to build your fireplace! You finished your foundation, and it is perfect. Now you are ready for the fun part. The build will...

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