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Summerset Sizzler 32

Dispelling Myths about Outdoor Design #2 – The Grill Dilemma


Get it right the first time: make the right grill choice to save time and money. Don't let an old grill limit your design.

Dispelling Myths about Outdoor Design #1- Corner Fireplaces


Building a fireplace in a corner (45°) wastes space- not saves it. Read this guide to help you place (or not place) a fireplace i...
Long patio layout drawing

Read This Before you Buy Anything or Start your Outdoor Living Project


Planning Your Outdoor Patio Space? Start with our Comprehensive Guide. It includes actionable steps to guide you through every st...
Outdoor patio

DIY Outdoor Patio Planning: Essential Guide to Laying Out Fireplaces, Kitchens, and More


This guide introduces simple yet effective techniques that allow you to precisely lay out your outdoor projects using only simple...
Use low voltage lighting to highlight areas of interest in your backyard.

Personalize Your Outdoor Living Patio: 3 Key Areas NEVER to Avoid


Discover strategic plant choices, fine-tune your furniture selection, and explore low voltage lighting to create a unique, welcom...
Low voltage lighting creates ambiance that can't be replicated in the daytime.

Revealing Patio 2.0: Tips for Using Low Voltage Lighting to Add Drama to Your Backyard


Don't confine your patio to daylight hours? Paint with light, and immerse yourself in the enchanting nocturnal magic of your own...
Working in the garden is relaxing and has many health benefits.

Design Your Outdoor Living Space with Purposely Chosen Plants


Learn to Enhance your outdoor living space with strategic plant choices. Softscaping is the soul of your outdoor living and patio...
Create your own unique outdoor retreat with our garden folly kits.

Create Your Unique, Eco-Friendly Oasis with Garden Follies and Ruins


Garden follies and ruins kits transform your outdoor living space into a personalized sanctuary that benefits nature and your wel...
Garden Entrance Ruin Patio Idea

Embrace Garden Follies: Create Unique Green Spaces with Garden Ruins


For gardeners and nature lovers, garden follies create unique outdoor living areas that capture the imagination and provide a ser...
Large fire pit and seating area

Fireplace or fire pit? 7 things to know before you choose


Fire pits and fireplaces both feature fire for people to gather around, yet they are COMPLETELY different. They are not interchan...

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