Dispelling Myths about Outdoor Design #2 – The Grill Dilemma

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Reevaluating Your Old Grill in Your New Outdoor Space

Designing a new outdoor living space often brings up the question of whether to incorporate an existing grill. While it’s tempting to design around a familiar piece, it’s essential to consider the broader implications for your patio’s overall design and functionality.

1. The Pitfall of Designing Around an Old Grill

Reality Check: Your old grill isn’t that great.

  • Reality Check: Your old grill probably isn’t that great.
  • Downsides: Always leads to compromised design, functionality, and flow of your new space.

Designing a new outdoor living area around an old grill is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It often results in a space that doesn’t quite work, hampering both aesthetics and functionality. Your old grill, much like a favorite couch from a previous home, may not align with the new space’s layout or style. Besides- Use this chance to get an awesome new grill!

Summerset Sizzler, 32 inch grill in grill island

Cheap Disposable Grills vs. High-End Professional Stainless Grills

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We’ve all used cheap grills. But is a $1200 grill that much better than a $300 one? Read to find out what to expect for your extra cash.

2. Buying a Grill First: Putting the Cart Before the Horse

  • Premature Purchase: Snagging a new grill before designing your space.
  • Consequences: Potential fitment issues, limited design options, and unnecessary expenses down the line.

Some people are usually thrilled about getting a new grill as soon as the mere mention of a new patio begins. They go hunting for the perfect new grill that puts their old beater to shame. Not one round of pencil to paper and they’ve bought a 58K grill (“But I only paid 4K”) before determining their needs or physical requirements. Buying a new grill before designing your outdoor space can lead to challenges in integrating it seamlessly into the overall design. Plus, if you want a seamless space, you may have locked yourself into a brand that doesn’t have all the other equipment you want- or can afford. It’s crucial to first plan the space, considering how each element, including the grill, will fit together functionally and aesthetically while meeting your budget.

3. The Importance of Research and Planning

  • Finding the Right Fit: Assess performance versus value and ensure compatibility with your space.
  • Avoiding Extras: Consider additional requirements like heat shields or gas conversions.

Selecting the right equipment for your outdoor kitchen requires careful consideration and research. It’s important to balance performance with value and ensure that the chosen pieces fit the dimensions and style of your space without needing additional modifications. Don’t worry, there is no shortage of options once you find what your limitations are.

4. Professional Equipment for Every Chef

  • Myth: You Need a specific grill to cook like a pro.
  • Reality: Professional chefs can create great meals with any high-quality equipment.

Professional chefs know that the key to great outdoor cooking isn’t about having a specific grill. Having professional-grade equipment that is high quality and easy to control and clean is the most important. Performance, low maintenance, and usability will be the key qualities in an outdoor grill after the new wears off. After decades of use, you’ll appreciate the features and quality, not the brand or model. Remember to view your outdoor cooking area and outdoor living space as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Premium large. outdoor kitchen combo unit with beautiful green custom countertops.
Our premium Unity C combo outdoor kitchen unit stands alone as a complete Grill Island.

Grill like a true Master Chef with a Unity Grill Island Kit

The Unity Grill Island line features grill stations that will become the cornerstone of your outdoor kitchen and yard. Importantly, Unity Grill Islands offer a premium grill for professionals or an upgrade for passionate home chefs. Moreover, they are all made of top-quality materials with a thoughtful design. Indeed, they will last for decades.

Conclusion: Seamless Integration with Cornerstone

Embrace the change and simplify your outdoor kitchen journey with Cornerstone. Our outdoor grill islands ensure:

  • A Perfect Fit: We offer tons of design options. Moreover, you can see exactly how they will look and know their precise finished dimensions so you know exactly what to expect.
  • A Cohesive Look: With options from fireplaces to Kamado grills, you get a stylish, harmonious outdoor living area design to be performative, durable, and low maintenance
  • Peace of Mind: We take the unknowns out of planning, fitting, and building your ultimate backyard paradise. With our easy DIY builds, you will save thousands on installation costs- even if you decide to hire it out.

Designing your outdoor space doesn’t have to be daunting. With Cornerstone, you’re choosing a path of ease and elegance, ensuring your outdoor kitchen is as functional as it is beautiful.

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