Save money Building Your Own Grill Island Kit

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Masterson-D Kamado Grill Island in Buff

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Our Masterson Grill Island Kit


Are you ready to elevate your outdoor living experience? Our Masterson Grill Island Kit is the solution you’ve been seeking. Say goodbye to the hassle of planning and building an outdoor kitchen from scratch. With our easy-to-assemble kit, you’ll have a stunning outdoor kitchen featuring a top-of-the-line Summerset grill in no time. Plus, we offer free shipping on all our kits!

Discover the Perfect Solution for a Premium Grill Island. 

We’re not talking about your average metal cart on wheels. Our Masterson series grill islands are high-quality, built-in hardscape features designed to enhance your yard or patio. Our pre-made kits include everything you need to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, complete with detailed instructions and even the necessary glue for assembly. And, of course, we include the grill!

Choose from a Range of Models for Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen. 

Whether you prefer natural gas or propane or have a kamado, tandoori, or pizza oven, we offer you various models to accommodate your needs. Our Masterson Grill Island Kit is available in five different styles, two colors, and a choice between natural and propane gas options. We also offer a range of accessories to make your outdoor kitchen uniquely yours.

Why Choose the Masterson Grill Island Kit?

Our all-inclusive kit is easy to build, saves you time and money, and includes free shipping. We designed our component-based system so homeowners can assemble it in just half a day. Our step-by-step assembly guide allows even those with minimal experience to create a stunning landscape feature that fits perfectly in their yard or patio.

Explore our range of Masterson Grill Island Kits, including:

Grill Island Grill Wrap Upgrade

Grilligan’s Island DIY Grill Upgrade Kit

Update your Existing Grill Cart to a Grill Island

Upgrade your current grill into a “Grilligan’s Island.” This DIY kit wraps your grill cart with a real stone look. Made in the USA.

Pizzoni Stone Pizza oven island kit with Cru Champion oven and built-in storage

Pizzoni Outdoor Pizza Oven Island

Large Built-in Pizza Oven Island with Premium Cru Champion Pizza Oven

Find Pizza perfection with the freestanding Pizzoni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Grill Island. This stone island Includes a Cru Champion Pizza Oven.

Metro-P Grill Island with small woodfired Pizza Oven

Metro-P Small Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Island

Affordable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven with Cru Model 32 G2 and Wood Storage

Enjoy wood-fired perfection with the Metro-P Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Island. Indulge in the authentic taste of artisanal pizzas with Metro-P.

Metro-V small gas pizza oven grill island kitchen

Metro-V Gas-Fired Pizza Oven Grill Island

Compact Grill Island with Summerset Gas Pizza Oven

Our Metro-V is an affordable small gas pizza oven Grill Island for small yards, small patios, and small budgets, yet is premium in every way.

Affordable Small Grill Island with 26

Metro-G Small BBQ Grill Island

Small BBQ Grill Island for your Summerset Gas Grill hosts BIG Gatherings

Our Metro-G is an affordable small Grill Island for small yards, small patios, and small budgets, yet remains premium in every way.

Affordable Small Grill Island-Grill Dome Kamado

Metro-D Small Stone Kamado Table

Compact and Affordable Grill Island with Infinity X2 Kamado Smoker

Our Metro-D is an affordable small Kamado Grill Island for small yards, small patios, and small budgets, yet premium in every way.

Masterson D DIY Stone Grill Island Kit with Grill Dome Kamado Buff

Masterson-D Grill Island Stone Kamado Table

Outdoor Stone BBQ Island with Grill Dome Kamado Smoker

The Dome Home- or Masterson D- grill Island is the ultimate island to house the nation’s best kamado- the included Grill Dome Infinity X2!


Masterson-Z Grill Island with Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Affordable BBQ Stone Grill Island with Wood-Fired Cru Pizza Oven

Achieve legendary status with Masterson-P Grill Island with Cru Pizza Oven. Own the ultimate backyard grill station. Grill & Oven Included.

Masterson K DIY Stone Grill Island Kit with Summerset Grill and Grill Dome Kamado with food

Masterson-K Grill Island with Kamado and BBQ Grill

Build Your Outdoor Kitchen with the Professional Grill Island featuring an Included Kamado and 32″ Stainless BBQ Grill

Be the king of your neighborhood with our Masterson K Outdoor BBQ Grill Island. Includes large Grill Dome kamado and 32″ Summerset grill.

Grill Island with Summerset Oven and grill

Masterson-O BBQ Grill Island with Pizza Oven

Enjoy the Professional-Grade Performance of a Grill and Oven in a Full Masonry BBQ Grill Island

Masterson-O Outdoor BBQ Grill Island w/Pizza Oven makes a complete outdoor cooking center. Professional Summerset outdoor appliances included

Save Money and Create an Extraordinary Outdoor Kitchen with Our Masterson Grill Island Kit. 

Build an impressive outdoor kitchen yourself and save money with our Masterson Grill Island Kit. Our kits make creating a beautiful outdoor living space easy, even if you’re new to DIY projects. No cutting or mortar is required – simply stack and glue the pieces in the kit.

Masterson BBQ Grill Island kits include Premium features

We know how important a functional, durable, and enviable outdoor grill island is. So, we make all our BBQ grill islands out of non-combustible materials for safety and longevity. While it will probably only take you a few hours to assemble a grill Island kit, you will want to enjoy it for years to come. So, we design our grill stations to be low maintenance yet high-performance.

Summerset 32

Get Built-In Professional-Grade Grills in our Grill Island Kits

Summerset Sizzler grills are professional in every way. Thus, their full stainless construction and professional features will impress discerning grillers for years to come. However, for those who demand more features, you can upgrade to the PRO model for added convenience.

Enjoy the Durability and Beauty of Natural Stone Countertops in all our Grill Islands

Your BBQ grill island serves as your outdoor kitchen. Therefore, you need ample room for prep and service. Hence, our outdoor grill islands include almost 12 square feet of countertop space. This gives you plenty of room to serve directly from your grilling station.

Cornerstone Grill Island Tool Niche detail.

Get Safe, Long-Lasting, Non-Combustible Masonry Construction Throughout

Just because it is an outdoor kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t burn the house down. Therefore, to ensure you are keeping the family safe, we make all of our BBQ grill islands out of solid masonry. We use solid concrete blocks and stone tops for safety and low maintenance. Rest assured, this grill island will last .

Build Your Outdoor Kitchen in a Few Hours with Masterson BBQ Grill Island Kits

Our unique building system is much faster and easier than grill island frame kits. In addition, the pieces are relatively lightweight, and the instructions are simple to follow. You simply stack and glue the pieces together. No cutting blocks. No mixing mortar. No mess. It’s like Lego for adults!

Our kits are easy to build for beginners with no heavy lifting


We hope this article has inspired you to upgrade your outdoor living space with our Masterson Grill Island Kit. We look forward to helping you create the perfect outdoor oasis! If you have any questions or need more information, please get in touch with us at (270) 210-4232.

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