Save money using our Masterson Grill Island Kits

How to save money using our Masterson Grill Island Kit


We’ve got an excellent deal for you! If you’ve always wanted to build your own outdoor kitchen but don’t want to spend hours upon hours trying to figure it out yourself, check out our Masterson Grill Island Kit. This kit comes with all the parts and pieces necessary for building a fabulous outdoor kitchen, including a beautiful Summerset grill. Your kit includes free shipping and is assembled in just a few hours with minimal effort.

We have the perfect solution for those of you who have been wanting to build your own premium grill island.

We aren’t talking about a metal cart on wheels. The Masterson series of grill islands are custom, built-in hardscape features for your yard or patio. Our premium grill islands are pre-made kits with everything you need to create your dream outdoor kitchen. We ship all the materials required to get started, including detailed directions. We even supply the glue for building the island and all the accessories. Of course, we include the grill, too.

The grill has the parts to change between natural gas or propane gas options when purchasing this product. And if you have a kamado, tandoori, or pizza oven, we have models to accommodate those, too.

We offer a gorgeous, easy-to-build, pre-made kit and everything you need to get started. FREE shipping included.

Our kit is easy to build, includes everything you need to get started, and includes free shipping. You’ll save time and money by ordering your Masterson Grill Island from Cornerstone.

Summerset 32

The Masterson Grill Island Kit comes with:

  • A pre-made grill island – solid, non-combustible masonry construction
  • A professional 32″ Summerset grill – perfect for cooking up your favorite meats or vegetables
  • Large natural stone prep and serving areas – perfect for feeding a large gathering or party!
  • Other models come with additional accessories, including ovens, custom cutting boards, and more.

Our kit is easy to assemble and install. It includes all the parts, tools, and instructions you need to build your outdoor kitchen delivered curbside to your home. We’ve designed this component-based system so homeowners can build it in about half a day. The kit comes with an easy-to-follow assembly guide that walks you through each step of the process from start to finish.

A Masterson Grill Island is the perfect project for someone who has minimal experience and wants to save money doing it themselves.

If you don’t have a lot of experience building things, this is the perfect starting point. It’s an impressive build a beginner can accomplish, but you won’t be doing any heavy lifting or complicated work. Plus, when you finish, you’ll have something to show off to friends and family—and likely be the envy of all your neighbors.

The process is simple: follow our instructions and pictures to build a great landscape feature that fits perfectly in your yard or patio!

Our Masterson Grill Island Kits come in many configurations to give you exactly what you want and need.

Our Masterson Grill Island Kit comes in five different styles and two different colors. You can even choose between natural gas or propane gas options. We also include all the accessories that allow you to make it perform exactly how you want and need.

We have five different models to choose from, giving you plenty of options for your grill island!


Masterson Grill Island Kit with included Summerset 32

The base model is Masterson-G. Cornerstone’s Masterson-G Grill Island is your top choice when choosing the maximum value in outdoor grilling stations. We kept everything low maintenance and high performance. That is why we top the grill island with almost twelve square feet of countertop stones. This area allows you ample room to prep and serve your meals. Finally, we top the island off with a killer outdoor grill by Summerset. This baby is professional in every way. Complete stainless construction throughout, high output burners, and a lifetime warranty ensure you will be ecstatic with your purchase.


Masterson-K Grill Island with Summerset Grill and Grill Dome Kamado

The Masterson-K takes design cues from our venerable Masterson-G and adds space for a Kamado grill or tandoori oven. You’ll be able to sear steaks or BBQ slow-and-low with the grilling combo of our Masterson-K. This grill island has space for a 22″ Kamado grill. As always, the built-in grill is included. Available with or without a Kamado.


Masterson-O Grill Island with Outdoor oven in the evening

Next up is our Masterson-O. This grill island is similar to our Kamado version. This upscale grill island includes a Sizzler Series premium grill and a Summerset stainless outdoor oven that yields professional baking performance and durability. Now you can add pizzas, poultry, brownies, and more to your outdoor menu. Use it alone, or mate it with our outdoor fireplaces and other outdoor living features.


Masterson P Grill Island with Pizza Oven and accessories

The top-of-the-line Masterson-P is our largest grill island. Its distinguishing feature is the platform for a wood-fired pizza oven. It also has plenty of storage for loads of wood for your oven. The Masterson-P also features our exclusive cutting board/serving tray/shelving system. This innovative feature stores your cutting boards as shelves. When needed, you can remove one or both for preparing and serving friends and family. The Masterson-P comes with or without a pizza oven.

How do you get started? 

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What’s included in this kit? Everything- including a professional Summerset grill.

The Masterson Grill Island Kit comes with everything you need to build an outdoor kitchen, including:

  • A natural stone countertop
  • Plenty of room for prep and entertaining
  • Option to upgrade your grill that includes LED lighting, better burners, and more.
  • Plus, ovens, accessories, and more depending on the model you choose

Ready to save some money and build something extraordinary? 

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You can easily save money by building an awesome outdoor kitchen yourself using our Masterson Grill Island Kit!

The Masterson Grill Island Kit is the perfect way to save money by building your own outdoor kitchen. Our kits include everything you need to create a fun and functional outdoor living space that will become the focal point of your backyard and the envy of your neighborhood.

We’ve made it easy for most people with only a few basic tools available at any hardware store. Even if you’ve never done any DIY projects before—or don’t know where “the hardware store” even is—you can create a beautiful outdoor living space with our Masterson Grill Island Kit! No cutting or mortar is involved in our design! Simply stack and glue together all of the components included in this kit, and you’ll have a fabulous new place to enjoy all year long.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to save money using our Masterson Grill Island Kit. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here or call us at (270) 210-4232. We look forward to hearing from you!