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Bremley Fireplace in Gray with Masterson-VC Pizza Oven Grill Island

Increase Your Home’s Value with Outdoor Living Patio Upgrades


Transforming your patio with a fireplace or grill island can significantly increase the value of your home and improve your quali...
Summerset Sizzler, 32 inch grill in grill island

Cheap Disposable Grills vs. High-End Professional Stainless Grills


We've all used cheap grills. But is a $1200 grill that much better than a $300 one? Read to find out what to expect for your extr...
Close up of premium Kamado Grill Island.

Save money Building Your Own Grill Island Kit


Masterson grill island kits include professional grills and ovens from Summerset and Grill Dome. Includes free shipping and can b...

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