Throw the coolest parties with your Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven

Create Unforgettable Gatherings with Family and Friends, All Year Round

Outdoor stone fireplace and pizza oven combo view 1
Most requested configuration- Bremley with Pizzoni wood-fired pizza oven island
Height96+ inches
Width135 inches
Depth52 inches
Weight14070 lbs
Delivery Size8 pallets
Size of Barrington Pizzaplace without wood box

Skill: Beginner

Project Duration: Weekend

Unleash the ultimate outdoor cooking experience with the Outdoor Fireplace and Pizza Oven Combo. Designed for the adventurous cook and outdoor enthusiast, this combo seamlessly integrates a wood-fired pizza oven and a robust fireplace. Craft your perfect pizza or explore new culinary frontiers, then kick back and enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire. Gather friends and family, create unforgettable memories, and bond over the joy of making and sharing pizzas. This all-in-one solution makes your backyard a culinary and family fun hub.

Impress your Guests with your Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven Combo at your next party

Are you ready to take your outdoor cooking and entertaining to the next level? Don’t miss out on our outdoor fireplace kit with a pizza oven – the ultimate backyard upgrade! With our easy-to-assemble DIY kit, you can transform your backyard or patio into a gourmet paradise that will make your friends and neighbors jealous. The centerpiece of our kit is a built-in pizza oven that lets you cook up crispy, delicious pizzas that will rival any restaurant. But that’s not all – our kit also includes ample storage space for firewood and cooking utensils and is made from high-quality materials built to last. Your outdoor fireplace kit with a wood-fired pizza oven is the perfect addition to any backyard or patio.

But our kit isn’t just about cooking – it’s about creating an unforgettable outdoor experience for you and your guests. Imagine hosting a backyard pizza party that will keep your friends raving for weeks, or cozying up by the fire on chilly evenings, surrounded by the scent of wood smoke and the sound of crackling flames. With our outdoor fireplace kit with a pizza oven, the possibilities are endless. And with your choice of outdoor pizza oven, you’ll have everything you need to cook up a storm. So why settle for a boring backyard when you can turn it into a gourmet oasis that will leave your guests in awe? Don’t wait – shop our kit today and elevate your outdoor living experience!

Castle-Gray Blend Outdoor kit color swatch

Castle Gray Blend

Cottage buff swatch

Cottage Buff Blend

Transform Your Backyard into a Gourmet Paradise with the Outdoor Fireplace and Pizza Oven Combo.

Transform your backyard into a gourmet paradise with the Pizzoni & Fireplace Combo, featuring your choice of three elegant fireplaces: the Barrington, the Bremly, or the Bremly TV. This unique combination allows you to indulge in wood-fired cooking with the Cru Champion Pizza Oven while the chosen fireplace sets the ambiance for unforgettable entertainment and relaxation.

Pair a Fireplace with our “Pizzoni” Pizza Oven Island for a “Pizzaplace” that will be the Envy of Your Neighbors and Friends

Your Pizzaplace can be Made From Three outdoor Fireplace Models.

Choose a Fireplace Kit to Pair with Your Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven

Buff Barrington DIY Stone Outdoor Fireplace Kit Standard

Barrington Fireplace

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Bremley Fireplace

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Bremley TV-solo Fireplace kit

Bremley TV Fireplace

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Features and Benefits of the “Pizzaplace” Fireplace with Pizza Oven Combo

Your Fireplace with Pizza Oven Assembles Easily. It’s DIY Friendly for Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

Building your outdoor gourmet paradise has never been easier. The Pizzoni & Fireplace Combo offers DIY-friendly assembly, allowing you to create your dream outdoor cooking and entertainment space within hours.

Pizzaplace- Fireplace and pizza oven made for mounting a TV
This Pizzaplace made with a Bremley TV is the complete outdoor party package.

Don’t Miss Out on the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Experience with Our Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven Combo

Experience Versatility and Value with Your Fireplace and Pizza Oven

Embrace culinary creativity with the versatile and functional design of the Pizzoni & Fireplace Combo. With ample cooking space, wood storage, stone countertops, and your choice of elegant fireplaces, this combination is perfect for those who love to cook and entertain outdoors.

Key Features of your Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven:

  • Cru Champion Oven Included: Capacity – two 10″, one 12-18″ pizzas, bake multiple loaves of bread
  • Natural Stone Countertop: 8 square feet of workspace on natural stone countertop slabs
  • Built-In Wood Storage: Keep fuel neatly organized and accessible when needed
  • Niche for storing Utensils and Piels: 32″ tall x 16″ wide niche for keeping your tools at the ready
  • Build YOUR way: Pizza Oven can be built on the right or left to fit your space and preference

Benefits of this Fireplace and Pizza Oven:

  • Elevate your outdoor living area with a gourmet cooking and entertaining station
  • High-quality materials ensure durability, longevity, and low maintenance
  • Complete entertaining package perfect for hosting family and friends
  • Provide year-round entertainment the whole group will enjoy

Pain Points Solved with your Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven:

  • Save time and money by buying a complete kit. DIY or have someone install it for you.
  • Know exactly what to expect. We provide you with the plans and the dimensions
  • Avoid cost over-runs and delays associated with custom projects and contractors
  • Add value to your home and feel smart knowing outdoor projects have a high ROI
  • Ensure safe and comfortable cooking by separating the oven from the fireplace

Cook Authentic, Delicious Pizzas with Our Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Cru champion wood fired pizza oven hero view

Cru Champion Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Premium Wood Fired Pizza Oven is the Epicenter of Culinary Entertainment

Unleash greatness with the Cru Champion Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. Handmade in Portugal, this robust oven delivers exceptional performance.

Important Downloads for Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven- Be Informed With our Free Instructions, Dimensions, and Building Guides

Host the Ultimate Outdoor Gathering with the Pizzaplace Outdoor Fireplace and Pizza Oven Combo.

Unite Your Guests with the Interactive Experience of Your Backyard Fireplace with Built-in Pizza Oven

Outdoor gatherings often separate the food preparation area from the social space, leaving the cook isolated and guests waiting. We’ve bridged this gap with the “Pizzaplace” Integrated Outdoor Cooking Solution. Unlike traditional BBQs or grilling stations that can pull the cook away from the fun, our design encourages an interactive and collaborative cooking experience.


Imagine guests gathered around the warmth of the fireplace, sharing stories and laughter while simultaneously crafting pizzas together. The aroma of wood-fired pizzas blends with the crackling of the fire, creating a sensory delight. You can choose to make your gourmet creations together as a team or let each guest experiment with their favorite ingredients. The integrated design ensures that nobody is left out of the fun, turning meal preparation into a central part of the entertainment.

Create Lasting Memories Making Pizza as a Shared Culinary Experience

Turn every gathering into a memorable culinary adventure. The Outdoor Fireplace and Pizza Oven Combo encourages friends and family to explore their culinary creativity, learn from one another, and create lasting memories. It’s more than just cooking; it’s an opportunity to bond, laugh, and enjoy each other’s creativity and company.


Cook Comfortably with the Separation of the Oven from the Fireplace

Your Pizzaplace is a safe place to cook pizzas- away from the fireplace.

Your safety is our priority. Our combo kit ensures a safe and comfortable cooking experience by thoughtfully separating the oven from the fireplace. The solid 8″ masonry construction is non-combustible and engineered to keep the surfaces cool to the touch. Enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while safely cooking your favorite dishes. Trust in our design to bring peace of mind to your outdoor cooking and entertaining experience. Learn more below:

Pizza ovens aren't for roasting nuts.

Pizza ovens aren’t meant to roast nuts.

A Fireplace and Pizza oven Hybrid is a Bad Idea

Two separate flue systems are needed to achieve a proper draw for each feature. Pizza ovens are long and made to draft out the front directly above the door. This design draws the heat from the fire across the chamber to heat the upper masonry in the oven then exhausts out the front flue. Heat radiates from the top down, keeping the crust from burning. Contrarily, fireplaces are shallow and draft upward to eliminate smoke. They radiate heat forward from the rear wall forward for warmth. Both function as tuned pipes drawing air and drafting differently.

Mating these two features would require too many performance compromises. Placing a pizza oven above the firebox would choke your draft. Note how there is no space on the sides or rear of the mock-up illustration for the heated exhaust to escape. The flue is completely blocked. You would need to make a fireplace extremely wide or deep to avoid the oven and allow the fire to vent behind or around it. The fireplace would not draft properly and smoke out your guests. Moreover, the firebox will heat the pizza oven from below- burning your crusts and negating your oven’s design and function.

These compromises would add size and cost while impeding both usability and safety. The pizza oven door is very high to use comfortably. You would have to stand on a hearth to access the oven. Thus, you could not use both features simultaneously. You would roast yourself standing in front of the fireplace opening. Not to mention you couldn’t regulate the heat of your oven effectively. On top of all those safety issues, this design has no prep or serving area for your food.

Performance, usability, and user satisfaction will suffer by combining two different oven types simply because they both utilize fire. They use entirely different flue systems. Therefore we only offer a solution that keeps the two furnaces separate. Everyone will be safer and happier without compromising the performance of either feature.

Customer testimonial pic


This kit was one of the easiest DYI projects I have ever completed. And I have never worked with stone before. The instructions were for true beginners. It turned out great.

Farrin W.


Looking for Something Different? Something More? Customize your fireplace with other Grill and Oven upgrades

You can customize your Fireplace and Pizza Oven in Hundreds of different ways. Here are a Few Options to Consider:

Connect a Masterson-D Kamado grill Island to a fireplace to turn it into a Masterson-DC Grill Station

Masterson-DC BBQ Grill Station

Add a sweet Grill Dome kamado grill station to your fireplace

Masterson-VC connected grill island with Summerset Pizza Oven

Masterson-GC BBQ Grill Station

Host a Party with this killer BBQ grill station add-on.

Masterson-KC Connected Grill Island with Summerset 32

Masterson-KC BBQ Grill Station

Fireplace addition with BBQ grill and kamado smoker together

Masterson-OC connected Grill Station with both a built-in Summerset Grill and Summerset gas Pizza Oven in Gray

Masterson-OC BBQ Grill Station

Make yours a Fireplace with Pizza Oven and Grill

Masterson-VC connected grill island with Summerset Pizza Oven

Masterson-VC BBQ Grill Station

Add a Pizza Oven to your Fireplace

Bremley Outdoor stone fireplace kit with grill station featuring Grill Dome Kamado Smoker, Summerset 32

Double Mastersons Grill Stations

Combine Grill stations to create custom layouts

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