Cru Champion Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Unleash greatness with the Cru Champion Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. Handmade in Portugal, this robust oven delivers exceptional performance.

Premium Wood Fired Pizza Oven is the Epicenter of Culinary Entertainment

Cru Champion Pizza Oven

Heirloom Qulity Pizza Oven Gives You Baking Bragging Rights

Cru named this oven the Champion because it is the champion of all wood-fired ovens in terms of performance, size, quality, and value. The Cru Champion is handmade in Portugal with an oven chamber insulated by a 1-inch ceramic blanket sandwiched between two sheets of 1mm 304 stainless steel and then encased in a 1.5MM lacquered aluminum outer shell. The robust design provides superior heat retention allowing the oven to be at 900F in about 20 minutes, with the outer shell of the oven safe to the touch. The Cru Champion delivers fantastic wood-fired pizza, steaks, breads, seafood, and more.

Experience all that wood-fired cooking has to offer with the Cru Champion in a large and elegantly designed oven handmade in Portugal. Your imagination is the only limitation on what the Cru Champion can cook for you and your friends and Family. Because that is what wood-fired cooking is all about – slowing down and relaxing, lighting the fire, and enjoying great food with the people you care about

  • Fuel Type: wood and/or charcoal
  • External Dimensions: 28” L x 27” W x 38” H
  • Cooking surface: 24” L x 24” W
  • Oven Opening Dimensions: 17.5″ L x 8″ H
  • Main Dome Height: 12″ H
  • Capacity – two 10″, one 12-18″ pizzas, bake multiple loaves of bread

Unleash Culinary Greatness with the Cru Champion Wood-Fired Pizza Oven


Get ready to embark on an extraordinary culinary journey with the Cru Champion Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, aptly named for its outstanding performance, superior craftsmanship, and unmatched value. Handmade in Portugal, this elegantly designed oven is set to elevate your wood-fired cooking experience to new heights.

Crafted with precision and passion, the Cru Champion boasts a robust construction that ensures exceptional heat retention and durability. Its oven chamber is insulated by a 1-inch ceramic blanket, nestled between two sheets of 1mm 304 stainless steel, and encased in a 1.5MM lacquered aluminum outer shell. This ingenious design allows the oven to reach a scorching 900°F in just 20 minutes, while keeping the outer shell cool to the touch for added safety.

Versatility is the heart and soul of the Cru Champion. From mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas with perfectly blistered crusts to succulent steaks, artisan breads, flavorful seafood, and more, this culinary powerhouse is ready to deliver a wide range of delectable creations. With its spacious cooking surface and generous capacity, you can cook two 10-inch or one 12-18-inch pizzas, bake multiple loaves of bread, and let your imagination run wild with endless possibilities.

But the Cru Champion is not just about amazing food; it embodies the essence of wood-fired cooking – slowing down, relaxing, and enjoying great moments with the people who matter most. Gather your friends and family, ignite the fire, and let the tantalizing aroma of wood-fired goodness set the stage for unforgettable culinary experiences. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a lively backyard party, the Cru Champion will become the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Fuel your culinary passions with the Cru Champion Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, where performance meets elegance and where exceptional taste and quality craftsmanship unite. Elevate your outdoor cooking game, explore new flavors, and savor the joys of wood-fired cooking like never before. It’s time to unleash your inner pizzaiolo and experience the remarkable capabilities of the Cru Champion. Get ready to impress and indulge in culinary greatness that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and the hearts of your loved ones.

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