“The Entertainer Deluxe” Complete Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

‘The Entertainer Deluxe’ is the ultimate luxury outdoor kitchen & bar. It puts a Sizzler 32” Grill and a Grill Dome Kamado in your backyard.

Entertain ‘Large and in Charge’ with a wrap around bar and 32″ grill plus a Large Kamado

The “Entertainer Deluxe” Kitchen with Wrap Around Bar with Grill & Kamado

Stock Kitchen in Castle Gray Blend

Stock Kitchen in Cottage Buff Blend

Castle Gray Blend

Cottage Buff Blend

Choose from two stone-colored blends

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“The Entertainer Deluxe” Outdoor Kitchen: A Culinary Masterpiece for the Sophisticated Host

Elevate your outdoor cooking and entertaining to new heights with “The Entertainer Deluxe,” a pre-designed outdoor kitchen that perfectly blends premium grilling features with the art of smoke cooking. This model offers a comprehensive outdoor culinary experience, inviting you to explore a broader range of cooking techniques while serving as a stylish centerpiece for your gatherings.

Explore the Art of Smoking and Grilling

Premium Culinary Adventure Awaits
At the core of “The Entertainer Deluxe” lies the synergy of the Summerset Sizzler 32” Grill and the Grill Dome Kamado Smoker. This combination not only allows for traditional grilling but also opens up the world of smoking, baking, and slow-cooking, providing you with the tools to expand your culinary repertoire. Whether it’s a perfectly seared steak or a slow-smoked brisket, “The Entertainer Deluxe” ensures each dish is a flavorful masterpiece.

Designed for Effortless Entertainment

Transform Your Space into a Social Culinary Hub
“The Entertainer Deluxe” features additional countertop space and storage solutions, enhancing your hosting capabilities. The Unity-U wrap-around bar, equipped with an outdoor-rated refrigerator and sink, becomes the focal point of your outdoor living space. This layout makes preparing and serving meals a breeze and encourages guests to gather, dine, and engage in lively conversation, turning every gathering into an unforgettable event.

Why Choose “The Entertainer Deluxe”?

Opting for “The Entertainer Deluxe” is a statement of commitment to both culinary excellence and the art of entertaining. It’s for those who view their outdoor space as an extension of their home’s hospitality, offering a luxurious and functional setting that invites connection and culinary exploration. With its sophisticated design, versatile cooking capabilities, and enhanced social space, “The Entertainer Deluxe” is the ideal choice for hosts who wish to invest in a lifestyle of joy, quality, and memorable outdoor experiences.

Elevate Your Outdoor Hosting with the Unity “Entertainer Deluxe” Gas Grill and Wrap-Around Bar

Take your outdoor hosting to the next level with the Unity “Entertainer Deluxe” Outdoor Kitchen. This complete ensemble is designed for those who love to entertain, featuring the Unity U wrap-around bar as its centerpiece. With seating for 6 and over 13 feet of bar frontage, the Unity U creates a vibrant social hub in your outdoor space, perfect for hosting memorable gatherings.

Enhancing your culinary capabilities is the Unity-C Combo Grill Outdoor Kitchen Unit. Equipped with a professional Summerset Sizzler 32″ grill and a Grill Dome Kamado Smoker, the Unity-C adds versatility to your outdoor cooking experience. Whether grilling, smoking, or cooking, the Unity-C allows you to impress your guests with a wide range of delicious dishes.

Key Features:

  • Ample Seating: Comfortably seat 6 guests at the Unity U wrap-around bar, fostering intimate conversations and lively interactions.
  • Spacious Design: Enjoy over 13 feet of bar frontage, providing plenty of room for guests to gather and socialize.
  • Versatile Cooking: The Unity-C offers a professional Summerset Sizzler 32″ grill and a Grill Dome Kamado Smoker, allowing for various cooking methods and culinary creations.
  • Extra Countertop Space: With 4 square feet of additional countertop space, the Unity-C provides ample room for food preparation and serving.
  • Convenient Storage: Stainless steel drawers and cabinet doors offer convenient storage for grilling accessories and outdoor essentials.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the elements and backed by a comprehensive warranty, the Unity “Entertainer Deluxe” ensures lasting durability and performance.

The “Entertainer Deluxe” Kitchen with Wrap Around Bar with Grill & Kamado

Skill: Intermediate

Project Duration: Weekend

Minimum recommended patio size is 16′ wide by 13′ deep*

*The stated size should allow for the use of the kitchen with minimum room to pull out chairs and be seated. Your space requirements may differ.

Weight pounds
Delivery Size pallets

Click here for detailed dimensions

“The Entertainer Deluxe” Complete Outdoor Kitchen & Bar features These Unity Modules: 

Unity-C Grill and Kamado Combo Unit Module

Save Space Without Compromise with the Unity-C Grill Combo

Unity-U Wrap-around End Bar Modular Outdoor Kitchen Unit

Have the Ultimate Entertaining Bar Space with Unity-U End Bar with Raised Serving Area

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Suggested Spaces for “The Entertainer Deluxe” Complete Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

The Ideal Patio Party Companion: “The Entertainer Deluxe” Outdoor Kitchen

Transform the side of your patio into the ultimate entertainment and culinary venue with “The Entertainer Deluxe” Outdoor Kitchen. Perfectly designed to maximize your entertaining space, this kitchen setup incorporates the Unity-U wrap-around bar, ensuring that every guest is part of the action. Whether you’re hosting large parties or intimate gatherings, the combination of a 32″ Summerset Sizzler Grill and a spacious Grill Dome Kamado Smoker offers unmatched cooking efficiency and versatility. It’s not just about making meals; it’s about creating experiences. The strategic design and professional-grade cooking capabilities make “The Entertainer Deluxe” the all-rounder kitchen that complements almost any outdoor patio, ensuring that your home becomes the preferred gathering spot for friends and family.

Dimensions for “The Entertainer Deluxe” Complete Outdoor Kitchen & Bar -Ensure the Perfect Fit for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Pavers and chairs NOT included. Shown on the minimum recommended patio size to allow room for chairs.

Click to enlarge.

Important Downloads for?“The Entertainer Deluxe” Complete Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

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Why Choose Cornerstone’s Pre-Designed Outdoor Kitchen Layouts

Cornerstone offers a sophisticated selection of pre-designed outdoor kitchens meticulously curated to meet outdoor cooking enthusiasts’ diverse needs and preferences. Our approach combines the convenience of ready-made designs with the quality and elegance that Cornerstone is known for, providing a seamless solution for enhancing your outdoor living experience.

Streamlined Selection Process

Effortless Outdoor Living
Choosing one of our pre-designed outdoor kitchens simplifies the process of creating your dream outdoor cooking space. We’ve taken the guesswork out of design and functionality, offering pre-designed layouts tailored for various culinary activities and entertainment styles without extensive customization.

Customization Without Complication

Personal Touches Made Easy
For those who seek a degree of personalization, our kitchens can be ordered without countertops, allowing you to choose your own materials and add a personal touch to the design. This flexibility lets you enhance the uniqueness of your outdoor kitchen while maintaining the ease of a pre-designed layout.

Endless Possibilities with Unity Outdoor Kitchen Modules

Design Your Dream Kitchen
If you’re drawn to the idea of crafting an entirely custom outdoor kitchen, our Unity Kitchen Modules offer endless design and layout options. From grills and smokers to bars and storage, every module is engineered for seamless integration, giving you the freedom to create a space that perfectly fits your outdoor cooking and entertaining needs.

Choose Cornerstone’s pre-designed outdoor kitchens for a straightforward path to luxurious outdoor living. Experience the perfect blend of design simplicity, modular flexibility, and personalization potential, all backed by the Cornerstone promise of quality and satisfaction.

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“The Entertainer Deluxe” Complete Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

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“The Entertainer” Outdoor Kitchen Bar & Grill

Transform your outdoor space into the ultimate entertainment destination with your choice of Unity "Entertainer" Outdoor Kitchens. Host unforgettable gatherings and create lasting memories with family and friends in the comfort of your own backyard.

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