See It Before You Build It with Our FREE 3D Mockup Service

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Why dream it when you can see it? Turn your outdoor living visions into visual reality with our FREE 3D Mockup Service. Limited time only!

3D mockup comparison.
Can’t decide? Let us help.

Why imagine your dream outdoor living space when you can see it? Our Free 3D Mockup Service is here to banish the guesswork and illuminate your patio’s potential. Read below to find out what to expect and how to take advantage of this offer.

Sorry, We’re Not Designing Your Entire Landscape—Just the Best Parts

Whoa, partner! Let’s manage expectations. We’re not in the business of designing your entire outdoor space from scratch. But we’ve got you if you want to visualize specific features like a swanky new grill island or a cozy fireplace! Check out our helpful articles if you are the DIY type and need help designing your outdoor space. Call a local professional if you want a complete outdoor makeover tailored to your property and climate. Nothing compares to having an experienced professional visiting your property for site-specific plans.

What is the deal?

What’s this Deal About a Free 3D Mockup?

The offer is simple but incredibly valuable. Send us a picture of your outdoor space, and we’ll send back a 3D mockup featuring up to four of our products on your patio—in scale! No worries. No second-guessing your decision. See your new fireplace or Grill Island in your space. It doesn’t get better than this.

You’ll Love Our Free Mock-up Service Offer

  • No More Guesswork: See exactly how our features will look in your space. Easy Decisions: Compare up to four different outdoor features in one mockup.
  • Peace of Mind: Feel confident in your choices before you make a purchase.
  • Sleep Easier: Erase doubt and gain peace of mind knowing you’re making the right decision.

How to Snap the Perfect Picture for Your 3D Mockup

Before Taking Your Photograph: To ace that 3D mockup, choose a time with balanced natural lighting—think overcast days. Remove any distractions from the frame and prep for the perfect pic by sticking to these essential guidelines.

  1. Mark Your Spot: First things first, make your mark. Use chalk or another visible marker to outline where you envision your new feature.
  2. Scale Reference: Next, let’s talk about scale. Place a yardstick or provide an accurate measurement of a key feature in the frame for precise scaling.
  3. Use Landscape Mode: Now, get the angle right. Landscape orientation is your friend here.
  4. Step Back, Frame the Full Space: Context matters. Step back to capture the broader space, not just the area you are focused on. To avoid the extreme perspective of most smartphone cameras, stepping back even further and zooming in a bit may improve the shot.
  5. Three-Quarter View for Depth: To really get the scope, aim for a three-quarter view. It’ll give us both width and depth.
  6. Keep It Level: Keep it steady now. Use your phone’s grid feature to ensure a level shot.
  7. High-Resolution & Right Format: Finally, make it pop. Go high-res and save the pic in JPEG or PNG format.
Front-facing images are hard to scale and give limited insight. Notice that there is no depth information.
free 3D model mockup

I’m Ready, Let’s Do This!

It’s Time to Turn My Vision into Reality

3d Mockup FAQ

Q: Is this service really free?
A: Absolutely. No strings attached, no hidden fees. We believe in our products so much that we’re willing to show you how they’ll look in your space for free.

Q: How long will it take to receive my 3D mockup?
A: Our aim is to deliver your 3D mockup within 72 hours after you’ve submitted a photo that adheres to our guidelines. We will contact you if there is a reason we can’t use your photo. You will be able to submit a new picture.

Q: What if I want to see mockups for different areas of my property or more than one picture?
A: The free offer is limited to one picture and one specific area of your outdoor space, featuring up to four products. Additional mockups using a new picture will be available for $150 each.

Q: Can this service be used by contractors and landscape installers?
A: Absolutely. We encourage professionals to take advantage of this offer. It’s a great way to help your clients visualize what you plan to build.

Q: What happens after I receive my mockup?
A: The ball is in your court! Use the mockup to make informed decisions about your outdoor space. When you’re ready, you can proceed to purchase the products directly from our website.

We go the extra mile to make your 3D mockups as accurate as possible. That said, there will always be a smidgen of margin for error. For pinpoint accuracy, consider chalking out the base. Also, we’ll be delivering your 3D magic in JPEG format, tweaked as needed to fit your project best. Participation will put you on a mailing list you can unsubscribe from.

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