Cheap Disposable Grills vs. High-End Professional Stainless Grills

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Summerset Sizzler, 32 inch grill in grill island

As the sun shines brighter and the days become warmer, it’s time to fire up those grills and enjoy outdoor cooking with friends and family. But before you head out to your local big box store to grab a cheap disposable outdoor grill, let’s take a closer look at why investing in a high-end professional stainless outdoor grill (like our Summerset grills) might be the right choice for you.

We’ve all grilled on a cheap Weber at some point. Aren’t they good enough anymore? To address this, let’s delve into a personal experience highlighting the shortcomings of typical grills from big box stores.

My Personal Experience Using Cheap Grills:

As a red-blooded American, I used to buy a new grill every time I moved into a new house. But I soon realized that cheap grills constantly need replacement, which is their first major issue. I once purchased a “premium” stainless grill from my local home improvement store for my new home, thinking it would last. However, it took only a short time for me to realize this was far from the truth.
After only two summers, my second cheap “stainless” grill was rusting. The heat shield was rusted and burned through, the burners were clogged and in sad shape, and it couldn’t maintain heat on windy days. I went to buy a third grill to put in my grill island. Unfortunately, the model grill I had been using was replaced by a new model that didn’t fit my custom island. Moreover, I was always unhappy with the looks and performance of the grill in my island. I saw an endless expensive future of buying and replacing cheap, disposable grills.

Determining Grill Quality, Durability, and Value for Money:

It’s no secret that the main appeal of cheap disposable grills is their price point. However, these grills compromise on quality and durability. Big Box stores dictate the size, price, and weight of almost all products they contract to sell. Therefore, manufacturers build these cheap grills with flimsy materials. These grills do not withstand the test of time or the rigors of outdoor cooking. On the other hand, high-end professional stainless outdoor grills (like our Summerset Sizzler) are made with high-quality materials designed to last. With a heavy-duty stainless steel construction and seamless components, you can trust that your Summerset grill will be a reliable companion for years.

The Devil is in the Details- See the Difference in Quality

Sizzler 32 Pro Interior

Cheap Grill Construction Details

Cheap grills are cheap because their build quality is bad, and they're meant to be replaced every few years.
Cheap thin stamped parts are low-quality.
Cheap construction techniques weaken your grill and invite rust.
Exposed seams trap moisture and invite rust. Rolled edges hide thin construction.
Low-quality grates do not last.

Qulaity Grill Construction Details

Summerset's quality craftsmanship leads to a low maintenance durable product.
High-quality stainless construction even in the hidden areas.
Summerset Quality: No seams- NO RUST (6+ years old)
Professionally finished seamless construction details.
Summerset Sizzler 32
Heavy Duty stainless construction throughout

You can see just one aspect of grill quality in these pictures. I haven’t cleaned my grill for the season yet, and my grill still looks better than a cheap disposable grill at a box store. This may seem like a nitpick, but these seams trap water and start rusting out the inferior stainless used in “affordable” grills that pop up in box stores in springtime. I’ll have to do a post later on the inner working of the grill. The burners and grates of cheap grills are far inferior. They spend all the money on catching your eye and making them look good. Performance is, unfortunately, second.

Cheap Grill Islands can look good on an Internet thumbnail, but look terrible in person.
Close up of premium Kamado Grill Island.

Don’t get me started on big box store grill islands. This painted fiberglass may look good in a thumbnail on the web, but we would never sell this waste of money and resources. Our grill islands and grill stations use curated, quality components that we stand behind.

Quality Outdoor Grills are a Valuable Investment:

After realizing how much money I spent on “cheap” grills, I bought what I deserved and invested in a high-end, professional, “expensive” Summerset grill. That was over eight years ago, and grilling has never been better. It performs exceptionally, is easy to clean, and remains rust-free even after exposure to the elements all year. I leave my grill outside throughout the winter with only its small cover. Yet, my Sizzler grill high-end professional looks as good as the day I installed it eight years ago. I can make it look brand new (except for the ceramic briquettes) with some time and oven cleaner. I would never dream of replacing my Summerset grill. Fortunately, they still make things like they used to, and they are worth the price. YOU are worth the price.

What I Learned About Cheap vs Professional Outdoor Grills:

My experience with cheap disposable grills taught me they often fall short in quality, performance, and versatility. My positive experience with the quality, performance, durability and low maintenance of the “high-end”expensive” professional Summerset Sizzler line led me to use them in all our grill islands. By investing in a professional stainless outdoor grill from Summerset, you’ll enjoy superior grilling capabilities and a reliable and durable grill that lasts for years to come. So treat yourself to a premium grilling experience, and enjoy outdoor cooking like never before.

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