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We offer outdoor gas log burner sets for your fireplace kit.

Gas Burner and Log Sets for Outdoor Fireplaces


Expertly crafted, ultra-realistic gas log sets elevate your outdoor environment, creating an unforgettable gathering around the f...
Ashford outdoor fireplace with seat wing walls

Deluxe Estate Fireplace Upgrades


Upgrade your outdoor fireplace with the Deluxe Estate kit: wood storage boxes & elegant wing walls for luxury, functionality, and...
Chimney Extensions

Chimney Extensions


You can add chimney extensions in 24" tall sections up to a max of 48". Our outdoor fireplaces are not meant to be built next to...
Brimley fireplace kit in buff with attached seat walls

Estate Wing Walls


Estate wing walls add elegance to your fireplace. They make your fireplace appear larger and add separation between your patio an...
Firebox with Deluxe wood boxes option in cottage buff

Wood Storage Box


We call a pair of wood boxes our "Deluxe" option. This common upgrade for your fireplace kit gives you stylish storage for your f...

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