Unlock the Joy of DIY Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space

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Do you love the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a DIY project? Are you passionate about improving your living space and adding a personal touch to your home? With Cornerstone’s customizable outdoor living kits, you can transform your backyard into your personal sanctuary, all while enjoying the satisfaction of building it yourself.

Empowering Creativity in Your Backyard

Step-by-Step Guide Build Your DIY Outdoor Fireplace Kit on a Weekend

Learn from the Pros – Check Out Our How-To Videos on YouTube

Build your fireplace in a weekend youtube video

You will learn what to expect when building this project yourself. All of Jake’s kits are perfect for installers or DIYers. You don’t need any special skills or tools. All the pieces you need are included in your kit. There is no cutting or mortaring the blocks. You simply stack and glue the block together.

Cornerstone appreciates the passion and dedication of DIY enthusiasts. That’s why we’ve designed our outdoor living kits to be customizable and easy to assemble. You can create a unique space that reflects your personality and suits your needs. Whether it’s a grill island for weekend barbecues or a pizza oven for homemade pizza nights, you have the freedom to shape your outdoor space.

Reliable and Long-lasting DIY Kits

We understand that for DIY enthusiasts, the quality of materials is paramount. Our outdoor living kits are designed with durability in mind, ensuring that your hard work results in a long-lasting addition to your home. Plus, our kits are low-maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time on upkeep.

Design your fireplace over 750 different ways!

Customize your fireplace kit in over 750 ways to make it Uniquely Yours

Combine Masterson Grill Stations in tons of ways with and without other add-ons and options. Choose from over 750 unique combinations to build a fireplace that is truly unique. All of our features, kits, and pieces are made to work together in an easy-to-build, easy-to-customize modular system that will help you achieve your ultimate backyard in less time using less money. By using our curated kits, you can know exactly how your outdoor living space will look before you buy. No more paper napkin plans. Choose our premium outdoor living kits and enjoy your dream backyard faster and cheaper than you thought possible.

Bremley Outdoor stone fireplace kit with grill station featuring Grill Dome Kamado Smoker and Summerset stainless outdoor gas pizza oven
Bremley Outdoor See-Through fireplace Deluxe Estate in Buff
Barrington Outdoor stone fireplace kit with grill station featuring Grill Dome Kamado Smoker, Summerset 32

Faster, Easier Outdoor Living Builds

In the world of DIY, time is often the biggest challenge. Cornerstone’s outdoor living kits simplify the building process, saving you time without compromising the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands. And with our free delivery, your new project arrives at your home ready for assembly. All materials are included- no special tools are needed!

Jake and a Metro D Grill Island with matching Kamado smoker

Ditch Time-Consuming Frame Kits: Get a Stone Grill Island in Hours, Not Days, with Our Unique System

Enjoy more grilling and less building. Our unique masonry system allows DIY beginners to build a durable stone BBQ grill island in just hours.

World-Class Customer Support

Even the most seasoned DIY-er can benefit from support and guidance. Our team provides excellent customer service, ready to assist you in your DIY journey. With our fast and reliable service, you can embark on your next project with confidence.

Continual Innovation

At Cornerstone, we keep things exciting with new additions to our lineup regularly. From Kamado smokers for barbecue enthusiasts to whimsical garden follies, there’s always something new to spark your creativity.

Experience the satisfaction of building your dream outdoor space with Cornerstone’s customizable outdoor living kits. Invest in your passion for DIY, enhance your lifestyle, and create a backyard that’s truly your own. With Cornerstone, you’re not just building an outdoor feature; you’re crafting cherished memories.

Easy Remodel Patio Ideas You Can Do Over a Weekend with an Affordable DIY Fireplace and Grill Island Kit

Remodeled Patio with Cornerstone Fireplace and Grill Island

Don’t have time to research, compare, and design your patio space? Use our customizable kits for your dream outdoor living space. We offer easy-to-build kits, including grill islands, outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, and more. All are DIY-friendly and easy to mix and match to create a backyard paradise with no hassle.

You can find everything you need to create the perfect entertaining area in your backyard. We offer the industry’s top outdoor kits. We painstakingly design our features to be the highest quality yet easiest-to-build kits you will find at any price. Our kits are designed to an exact standard and never down to a price point. Yet you will still be able to afford the upscale looks and high quality at a price you can afford. 

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