Ditch Frame Kits: Build a Grill Island in Hours with Our System

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Welcome to the Grill Island Revolution of Fast, Easy, and Durable Stone Grill Island Kits

In the world of outdoor cooking, the type of grill island you choose can drastically transform your BBQ experience. Today, we’re comparing two popular types of DIY Grill Island Kits: the traditional Metal Frame Grill Kits and our innovative masonry block Grill Island Kits. While it may seem counterintuitive, our unique masonry block system is actually faster and easier than tube and frame construction. You may be adept with a saw and drill, but with our Stone BBQ Grill Island Kits, all you need is a rubber mallet, level, and caulk gun. In this comparison, we’ll explore how simplicity, efficiency, and durability make our kits the smarter choice for most homeowners.

Understanding the Traditional DIY Metal Frame Grill Island Kits

Man all tangled up in cords of tools.

Metal Frame Grill Island Kits have long been a favorite for the DIY community. Their appeal lies in their high degree of customization. You can pick and choose the materials for your frame and cabinet, ensuring your grill island perfectly matches your outdoor aesthetic. And with proper assembly, these BBQ kits can offer robust durability.

However, this customization comes at a price. Building a DIY Metal Frame Grill Island Kit is no simple task. It’s a layered, complex project that requires significant time, precision, and patience.

Grill Island Frame Kits are Time-consuming and Require many Skills and Tools

First, you must meticulously measure and cut your metal frame pieces. This process demands careful attention to ensure accuracy. Holding the pieces square as you screw them together is a delicate task requiring both patience and skill. After spending hours meticulously piecing your frame together, you might believe the hard part is over. But in reality, this is just the beginning.

Our outdoor living kits don't require any cutting.
Mortaring a tile.

Next comes the daunting task of fitting the concrete backer sheeting to your newly assembled frame. Again, this process requires precise measurement and cutting. Ensuring the sheets fit perfectly onto your frame is an exercise in patience. Mistakes here are costly in both time and materials. One wrong cut, one miscalculation, and it’s back to the hardware store for replacement sheets and perhaps longer screws. The repetitive nature of this task underscores the complexities and challenges of this DIY project.

There is no need to keep driving to your Home Depot.
Find your nearest Home Depot. You’ll be there ALOT building a frame kit!

But wait, there’s more. Once your sheeting is secure, it’s time to embark on the most labor-intensive part: mortaring the sheeting and applying the masonry. This involves mixing your mortar with the correct ratios of admixtures, applying a scratch coat, laying and cutting stones carefully to fit, and then finally grouting between the stones. This intricate work not only demands a high level of skill but also significantly adds to your project’s timeline. Oh- it is messy work and can be difficult to clean- especially faux stone veneer.

It’s crucial to understand that each step in building a Metal Frame Grill Island is layered and progressively more complex. With a project of this magnitude, the potential for missteps, time delays, and increased costs is considerable. It’s this combination of multiple complex tasks, significant time investment, and hidden costs that can make Metal Frame Grill Island Kits a challenging choice for even skilled builders.

Simplify Your BBQ Experience with Cornerstone Masonry Grill Island Kits

At Cornerstone, we believe in making your BBQ experience as enjoyable as possible, which is why we’ve designed our Unity Grill Island Kits with convenience, efficiency, and completeness in mind. Our kits come with everything you need, right out of the box. This includes the fundamental building blocks and beautiful, honed natural limestone slab countertops. The assembly process is simple: just stack, glue, and level the blocks, and you have a fully functional grill island complete with a premium countertop ready within hours, not days.

Multiple unity outdoor kitchen units combined in a.
Unity outdoor kitchen island components configured in a corner grill island.

Grill like a true Master Chef with a Grill Island Modules

Unity Outdoor Kitchen Modules features grill stations that will become the cornerstone of your outdoor kitchen and yard. Importantly, Unity Grill Islands offer a premium grill for professionals or an upgrade for passionate home chefs

We acknowledge that our kits may not offer the same degree of customization as Metal Frame Kits. But we strongly believe the benefits of saving time, effort, and cost greatly outweigh this factor. Besides, our Masonry Block Grill Island Kits come in a variety of designs to suit different styles.

What’s more, our kits perfectly complement our other outdoor living kits, including fireplaces, fire pits, and garden follies. And let’s not forget the superior durability and safety of our products. With 8″ solid masonry construction, our non-flammable kits are designed to last, giving you peace of mind and a lasting return on your investment.

Grill Island Showdown: BBQ Metal Frame Kits vs. Masonry Block Grill Island Kits

Traditional Frame Grill Island

Pros of Traditional Frame Grill Kits:

  • High degree of customization with various finish options.
  • Potential for robust and long-lasting construction when assembled correctly.
  • Can be compatible with different design styles and preferences.
  • Availability of additional accessories and add-ons.

Cons of Traditional Frame Grill Kits:

  • Time-consuming assembly process involving cutting, screwing, and sheeting.
  • Multiple layers of construction get more tedious and require more time, money, and days of work
  • Higher overall cost due to the need to purchase separate parts and materials.
  • Requires expensive and difficult-to-install exterior veneer for a finished look
  • Requires extensive research to ensure fitment of cooking appliances and compatibility
  • Requires multiple trips to the store for necessary components and tools.
  • Complex construction may require advanced DIY skills, specialized or expensive tools, and knowledge.
  • Limited durability compared to masonry or solid block construction.
  • Potential for structural issues if not assembled accurately.

Cornerstone Stacked Masonry System

Pros of Unity Grill Island Modules:

  • Time-saving construction, allowing for a stone grill island in just hours.
  • Complete kit with all necessary components included, eliminating the need for multiple trips to the store.
  • Stack and Glue construction produces the structure and exterior finishes at the same time
  • Durable 8″ solid masonry construction that is non-flammable and designed to withstand the elements.
  • Includes natural limestone slab countertops for an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Integration with all Unity outdoor kitchen modules and other outdoor living kits, such as fireplaces and garden follies, creates a cohesive outdoor space.
  • Cost-efficient solution compared to traditional frame kits.
  • No advanced DIY skills or specialized tools are required—only basic tools like a rubber mallet, level, and caulk gun.

Cons of Cornerstone Grill Island Kits:

  • Limited customization options compared to traditional frame kits.
  • Requires careful attention to ensure proper alignment and leveling of the masonry blocks during assembly.

Consider your priorities when choosing between a metal frame and a masonry block grill island kit. A Metal Frame Kit might appeal to you if you enjoy a complex DIY project and desire a highly personalized look. But keep in mind the hidden costs, time commitment, and maintenance that come with it.

On the other hand, if you value ease of assembly, time efficiency, cost-saving, and safety, our Stone Grill Island Kits are the clear winner. While they offer slightly less customization, their convenience, durability, and completeness are unmatched. With the addition of the limestone slab countertops, our kits provide you with a complete grill island solution right out of the box.

Unity Stone Kitchen Island Kits are the Future of BBQ

In conclusion, while customization is a valid consideration, You do have customization choices with our Grill Island offerings. However, the overall BBQ experience is much more valuable. That’s why more and more BBQ enthusiasts are turning to Unity Stone BBQ Grill Island Kits. They are a testament to the fact that high-quality BBQ doesn’t have to come with unnecessary stress and costs. It’s time to think about what you value more – more finish options (and more headaches) or a smoother, safer, more efficient, and complete BBQ experience. Make the smart choice today with our Unity Stone Grill Island Kits.

Our outdoor kitchen units are large enough for your most memorable gatherings.
Create plenty of outdoor entertainment space with unity outdoor kitchen components.

Experience the Cornerstone Difference

We have several Unity kitchen modules that build in a few hours

We get it. We run a professional hardscape business. All the time and cost that goes into designing, planning, and building custom items adds up quickly. Remove that expense and time with our professional grill island kits. The Unity Series features grill stations and outdoor kitchens that will become the cornerstone of your outdoor living paradise. Importantly, Unity Grill Islands offer a premium grill for professionals or an upgrade for passionate home chefs. Moreover, they are all made of top-quality materials with a thoughtful design. Indeed, they will last for decades.

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