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Can Anyone Really Build an Outdoor Fireplace?


Doubt that you can build your own outdoor fireplace? It's incredibly easy. Don't take our word for it. Ask Jim- our 82-year-old c...
Outdoor living is healthy for your body and mind.

Discover the Health Benefits of Outdoor Living


Outdoor living spaces provide a sanctuary for decompression, a platform for connection, and an avenue to promote overall well-bei...
Time to lay your first block

Unlock the Joy of DIY Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space


With our outdoor living kits, you can transform your backyard into your personal sanctuary and enjoy the satisfaction of building...
Our outdoor kitchen units are large enough for your most memorable gatherings.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space Into The Ultimate Entertaining Haven


Do you love being the life of the party or entertaining at your home? Our customizable kits are your next big thing in home enter...
Your Metro patio upgrade set is great for a girl's night out after party.

Stay Stylish and On-Trend with an Outdoor Living Lifestyle


Cornerstone's innovative and trendy outdoor living kits are your ticket to the future of outdoor living and help you entertain in...

Effortless Outdoor Elegance Transforms Your Outdoor Space in No Time


If you're a dynamic individual looking for home improvement solutions that match your pace, our outdoor living kits are your go-t...
Bremley Fireplace in Gray with Masterson-VC Pizza Oven Grill Island

Increase Your Home’s Value with Outdoor Living Patio Upgrades


Transforming your patio with a fireplace or grill island can significantly increase the value of your home and improve your quali...

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