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Professionals love the saying “time is money.” When it comes to your professional hardscape business, time really is money! That is where profits are made or lost- in the time. You want to get in, get out, and get paid as fast as possible. Therefore, the products you use need to deliver results quickly. We have a variety of professional-grade outdoor living kits that will help you do just that.

Professional results in just a few days

As a professional, you know how important it is to get jobs done quickly and move on to the next client. You can save time on every job and still customize your design to your client’s wishes with our products. Using our outdoor living kits, you can show your clients precisely what they will receive when they hire you! Our products will deliver tangible results fast.

Professional results are easily achievable in just a few days or less. Thus, you and your crew can install our easy-to-build kits quickly. So, all you need is a level foundation, and you’re ready to rock and roll. And because our kits require no cutting, you will keep your job sites clean with minimal tools. One solid hand and a tender can knock out a fireplace in about 16-24 billable hours. Consequently, the next one will build even faster- saving you more time and adding more profit to your job. 

Our kits are easy to build for beginners with no heavy lifting

Are kits consist of small portable blocks weighing less than 30 pounds. They are not pre-built and shipped whole. Therefore, you do not need any heavy machinery on the job. Your skid-steer can be at the next job prepping and moving earth while your build crew installs hardscapes.

Products that will deliver professional results to your clients fast

You can install products that will deliver results to your clients fast. Using our catalog of products is an excellent way for clients to get an idea of what their project will look like before it even starts.

We have all the hardscape features that clients love and ask for. So, with our quick delivery times, we can ship it within days.

With our expanding line of grill islands and outdoor kitchens, you can offer an impressive array of built-in appliances that are professional grade. Additionally, we even provide our Kamado grill in almost any color your client can dream of. This option will please even the pickiest of clients- or throw it in as a perk. Want a pink grill for the kitchen? We can do that. Have a Lakers fan that insists on purple and gold? No problem. We help you land more jobs and fulfill more clients’ wishes.

Experience Our Beginner-Friendly Modular Building System

Our Beginner Friendly System is Designed to Make Kits Easily

These blocks were specially designed to make hardscape features. These are not repurposed retaining wall blocks. This produces easy-to-make kits that save time. The wedge shapes help increase the bonding ability for a solid product built to last.

Unity allowws you to create endless outdoor kitchen layouts.

Like LEGO for Your Outdoor Space: Easy, Versatile, and Fun

Designed to function like LEGO for your outdoor space, each modular component effortlessly connects, allowing you to build and customize your dream outdoor kitchen, grill island, or entertainment area with ease. Start building the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of today. * We are NOT LEGO-affiliated.

Achieve a Natural Stone Look With Our Unique Stone Layout

Our stones are produced with through-body colored concrete. Then they are tumbled to give them a naturally aged look. The three sizes of block can create seven different face sizes creating the randomly laid appearance of natural stones.

No Mortar Needed: A Clean, Quick, and Easy Building System

There is no mess or mortar mixing. Our kits are simply glued together. You squeeze special adhesive from a caulk gun, making construction and cleanup a breeze.

Show your clients exactly what you will deliver

Professional installers can also show your client exactly what you will deliver using our products. Therefore, using our designs eliminates the misunderstandings and setbacks of custom installations. We also curate our offerings to only offer the best value available. Cornerstone provides turn-key solutions—not dealing with last-minute unknowns or shoddy products that don’t fit and won’t deliver. Moreover, we only offer professional-grade appliances that are low-maintenance yet high in “Wow” factor. We do this by partnering with top brands that provide excellent value at a reasonable price. You can say “yes” and accommodate more of your client’s wishes at a budget they can afford.

DIY stone outdoor fireplace kit loaded bremley

Get in, get out, get paid

You must work efficiently to get in, get out, and get paid. Thus, our products help professionals make that happen by allowing them to move from one outdoor living feature to the next without having to stop and think about it. We streamlined our designs so they build quickly and easily by anyone—no training is required! With our super simple block system, there is no reason to waste time or money on inefficient installations anymore.

Save time on every job.

  • Save time in the designing phase.
  • Save time with easy layout and planning.
  • Save time redesigning and troubleshooting custom builds
  • Save time on clean-up and waste. All kits come with everything you need- even the glue.
Outdoor patio plan mockup

Quickly Add Value And Increase Margins

  • offer add-ons and customizations.
  • offer professional quality USA-made products
  • offer new products to your portfolio.
  • offer new services to your portfolio.
  • Start telling your customers, “Yes. We can do that.”
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Every job needs to be done right, but not every job can afford to take a long time. Thankfully, we understand that and offer products that will help you deliver results fast. Our products are designed to save time on every job so you can focus on making money and pleasing customers.

You can build all the outdoor living features you need

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