Barrington Fireplace for Deck

Barrington Deck Fireplace flush Mount Bare
Height109 inches
Width103 inches
Depth51 inches
Weight14550 pounds
Delivery Size8 pallets

Flush Mount Barrington with Wood Boxes

Flush Mount Fireplace for Raised Decks and Patios


Skill: Intermediate

Project Duration: Extended

Now deck owners can experience the luxury of an outdoor fireplace. Customers have been requesting a fireplace compatible with raised wooden decks. This gorgeous DIY kit will look great sitting off the edge of any patio. It includes almost everything you need to enjoy relaxing around the fire. You only need to supply locally sourced 8x8x16 concrete blocks to help fill the large riser of this build. Since you can already raise a stand-alone fireplace, we decided to add custom-designed firewood storage boxes to this model. These boxes reduce the width and have a special hearth for a clean flush look. The straight flush front and other slight modifications allow for an easy tight fit against the straight edge of a deck or raised patio. This unit does not allow for optional upgrades as it is customized for flush mounting. Chimney extensions and a base riser are available to fulfill your needs.

  • Nominal dimensions: 103″W x 51″D x 9′ T
  • Premium firebrick-lined firebox is 32″W x 25″D x 24″T
  • Large hearth is 16″ deep and 24″tall
  • Stainless Steel spark arrestor is safe and easy to install
  • Excellent draft
  • Includes Custom Firewood Storage Boxes
  • Optional Base Extension adds 8″ Height
  • Made for Decks and Raised Patios
Barrington Fireplace for decks Hero

What to expect from your Barrington Fireplace for Deck

You have a wooden deck but still want a full-sized masonry fireplace We get it. That is why we designed a special “Flush Mount Package” for the Barrington fireplace kit. The added height allows your fireplace to be installed on a raised deck around 32″ tall. The hearth helps protect your decking from heat. Recommended for under-roof installations, the Flush Mount package creates additional 12″ base height (approx. 24″) to help you clear your deck. You can always add an extra base riser of 8″ if needed. Unlike our other fireplace kits, grilling and seat wall options are not available. Don’t miss a moment of the action! Get your Barrington flush mount fireplace for the ultimate deck entertainment.

We have a foolproof system. We constantly design kits that fit your needs and coordinate with each other. More importantly, we only offer options that perform great, look amazing, and are low maintenance. You won’t be burdened by options with little value or dubious function. Thankfully, our color blends are timeless. They fit into their natural surroundings while coordinating with your home. Most important is that our kits are super simple to build. We pride ourselves on our easy step-by-step process for DIY enthusiasts. Therefore, you can complete most builds in a few hours for a grill-island to a weekend for a fireplace.

Choose from two stone-colored blends

Castle-Gray Blend Outdoor kit color swatch

Castle Gray Blend

Cottage Buff Blend

Your Safety Guides every Outdoor Fireplace Kit Design

Your fireplace kit has been designed up to a standard of excellence and safety. We don’t design down to a price point. From heavy angle irons, deep mantels and hearths, and stone appearance, see what we include in our kits that other companies ignore or charge more for.

Stainless Steel Spark Arrestor

Stainless Steel Spark Arrestor

Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, we include a spark arrestor with every kit. This addition will help prevent wildfires. It is much safer than a 100-plus pound stone found on other kits. Large stones don’t block floating embers from starting fires. Moreover, they are dangerous to install. We eliminate both problems with the best US-made spark arrestor available.

Large Hearth and Mantel

Can you believe some brands charge over a thousand bucks for a hearth? Hearths are needed to catch popping embers or if a fiery log rolls out of the firebox. Of course, our hearth comes included. Per best practices, we design all our fireplaces with a deep 12-16″ hearth for safety. Add a screen in your style for extended safety.

Large Hearth and Mantel
Standard Fireplace Hearth

Firebrick Lined Firebox

Our wide firebox dimensions help produce great draft and heating efficiency. The opening is wide to allow ample room for your fire while not being overly wide and inefficient. Firebricks add heat retention and longevity. Not likely needed in a lifetime, but the firebrick is a liner that can be replaced and protects the walls of your fireplace.

Customize your DIY outdoor fireplace kit with these add-ons

Create the perfect setting for an outdoor paradise. No two backyards are identical. And no two families’ needs are the same. That is why we offer you tons of add-ons and options to configure your ultimate fireplace. All options are super simple to build and come with step-by-step instructions. Choose from these options or many more.

Chimney Extensions

Chimney Extensions

Add chimney extensions in 24″ tall sections up to a max of 48″ extra height. Stop at any 4″ increment.

Firebox with Deluxe wood boxes option in cottage buff

Firewood Storage Boxes

Add function to your fireplace with firewood storage additions. Available singularly or as a pair

Bremley Estate Castle Gray DIY stone outdoor fireplace kit

Estate Wing Walls

Seat walls add a crucial seating and border wall to your space. Piers function as tables, too.

Masterson DC Grill Station on Barrington Fireplace

Masterson-DC BBQ Grill Station

Add a sweet Grill Dome kamado grill station to your fireplace

Masterson-G Grill station with 32

Masterson-GC BBQ Grill Station

Host a Party with this killer BBQ grill station add-on.

Masterson-KC Grill station with 32

Masterson-KC BBQ Grill Station

Fireplace addition with BBQ grill and kamado smoker together

Masterson OC grill station with Summerset Grill and Pizza Oven

Masterson-OC BBQ Grill Station

Make yours a Fireplace with Pizza Oven and Grill

Masterson-VC Grill station with Summerset outdoor gas Pizza Oven

Masterson-VC BBQ Grill Station

Add a Pizza Oven to your Fireplace

Fireplace with attached grill stations including kamado, grill, and gas pizza oven

Double Mastersons Grill Stations

Combine Grill stations to create custom layouts

See what our customers have built

Here is a sample of what people like you have built in their backyards. These are not professional builds; these kits were built by regular people with no previous masonry experience.

Customer Gallery

If these people built it, YOU can too!

Take your design ideas to reality with our DIY Barrington Fireplace for Deck

It seems hard to believe, but you can achieve a professional outdoor living space in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. We have designed easy and fun-to-build masonry kits that a handy beginner can quickly assemble. We have a purpose-designed stone building system created to make creating outdoor living features quick. And since they are solid masonry, they are durable and virtually maintenance-free. Don’t worry about messy mortar. Our blocks are designed to be stacked and glued together- It’s like building blocks for adults! Be sure to watch our videos for more information on what to expect.

Your kit is easy and fun to build. We walk you through every step of the process.

Jake takes you step-by-step on an in-depth dive into everything you need to know to build any one of his fireplace kits. From the first course, lining the firebox with firebrick, all the way to capping the chimney- you will learn what to expect when building this project yourself.

Thinking of building a Flush Mount Barrington with Wood Boxes? We have your back!

Even though building one of our kits is simple. We don’t expect everyone to be familiar with the process. Therefore we offer tons of support materials to help you plan and execute your personal outdoor living space. We have a growing library of articles to help with everything from designing your outdoor dream space- to planning and dimension guides to fine-tune your design. We also make our instructions available so you can familiarize yourself with what is required in building one of our outdoor kits. Of course, you can always contact us with any questions or issues you may have. Be sure to see the Important downloads section for this kit below.

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Sorry. LTL carriers will deliver CURBSIDE only. The delivery drivers will have a pallet jack for you to move your order. Delivery drivers are not responsible for deliveries past the curb.

All orders are produced in the order they are received. Orders typically leave our yard in 7-10 working days. Once Your order ships, it can take an additional 5-10 working days to get to you. 

You will be provided with updates on your order, as well as a tracking number once it ships. When your order lands at the final terminal, you will be contacted by dispatch to arrange a delivery time.  Someone must be present for delivery.

If you live on a gravel road, you have a few options. Many customers will arrange delivery to a locally owned business. From there, you can pick up your pallets individually or have them delivered by a local vendor with that capability.

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Kits do not come with a warranty. I don’t want to alarm you.  We don’t sell a finished product. We only sell the materials and plans to build your kit. Though easy to build, people can modify the kit and could potentially build it in any number of ways that we cannot warranty. The materials are guaranteed to be complete and free from defects. Moreover, they are high-quality materials.  Built properly and well-maintained, your kit will last for years.

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Dimensions for Barrington Fireplace for Deck

Barrington Deck Fireplace Dimensions- Imperial

All dimensions approximate

Cutaway detail of our standard firebox

Standard firebox dimensions

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