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Summerset 15″ 3.2 CF Outdoor Refrigerator


The Summerset 15" Outdoor Refrigerator ensures that your gatherings are always stocked with chilled refreshments and culinary del...
Cru Model 32 G2 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Flames

Cru Model 32 G2


The Cru 32 G2 Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven fits the bill for high-performance in a compact footprint- Included in Metro-P Stone...
Cru champion wood fired pizza oven hero view

Cru Champion Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Unleash greatness with the Cru Champion Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. Handmade in Portugal, this robust oven delivers exceptional perfor...
Summerset Sizzler 26 inch gas grill and natural stone countertops.

Summerset Sizzler 26″ Grill


The Sizzler 26" grill features stainless steel construction with three burners. Professional features will impress any backyard g...
Grill Dome X2 Kamado in Stone Grill Island

Grill Dome Kamado


The Grill Dome Infinity X2 kamado is the best kamado on the market IMO. It is made impeccably in Georgia where they care about qu...
Summerset Oven

Summerset Built In Oven


The Summerset Oven will bake everything from appetizers to desserts. Now you can add pizzas, poultry, brownies and more to your o...
Sizzler Pro 32

Summerset Sizzler 32″ Pro Grill


Sizzler Pro 32″ packs tons of features including14,000 BTU Cast Burners, Heat Zone Separators, and LED Lights to make a premium e...
Built in Sizzler Outdoor Grill.

Summerset Sizzler 32″ Grill


The Sizzler 32" grill features full-stainless steel construction. Professional features will impress the most discriminating of g...

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