Our Green Journey: Navigating the Complex World of Eco-Friendly Living

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Being green is challenging. Not just a little challenging but a mind-boggling maze of choices, trade-offs, and labels, all while trying to ascertain what’s truly eco-friendly and what’s simply a greenwashed facade.

Let me share a recent experience finding an eco-friendly product.

I was hunting for eco-friendly slippers, a seemingly simple task. My initial thought? Opt for natural materials like shearling and leather. But then, questions arose. Are animal products genuinely eco-friendly? Furthermore, most of these materials came from Australia or other far-off lands. The carbon footprint of shipping alone was a cause for concern. So, I turned to wool-only products, only to discover unethical practices like mulesing and other questionable practices. Vegan goods? That equates to plastic. Recycled plastic? Microplastics became the new demon.

Finally, I stumbled upon a company that appeared to strike the balance: fair wages for third-world employees to collect discarded plastic, no harsh chemicals, minimal packaging, and assurance of fewer ocean plastics. After hours of research and searching online, was this the best option? Even with my diligence, I was left questioning my choice. All this was for one pair of house slippers!

“Being Green” is a challenging journey filled with compromise

Such is the journey to ‘being green’. It’s a challenging road, requiring conscientious decision-making and constant research. Here at Cornerstone, we’re no strangers to this journey.

After hours of research and searching online, was this the best option? Even with my diligence, I was left questioning my choice.

We source materials from local, reputable dealers with robust environmental impact plans. But we acknowledge our challenges: our products are heavy, they need to be transported, and concrete isn’t necessarily the greenest material.

However, we don’t shroud ourselves in a greenwash. We’re honest about our environmental footprint and consistently aim to minimize it.

What is our environmental commitment?

Our philosophy leans towards locality and longevity. We try to source as locally as possible, supporting American businesses and reducing transport emissions. The products we sell are built to last, countering a culture of disposability and waste. We don’t deal in ephemeral items; our products, like the robust grill islands, are designed for durability. And all our kits are designed for, produced, and shipped with minimal waste. Plus, everything you need is included, so you won’t be making ten trips to the home improvement store.

Furthermore, our approach to eco-friendliness encompasses more than just material sourcing. We promote outdoor living and connection with green spaces, aligning our business with a lifestyle that encourages healthy living and self-care. We believe in the eco-friendly potential of the outdoor living movement.

At Cornerstone, we’re not promising a fully green product because we acknowledge the complexity of what that truly means. However, we’re committed to evolving, learning, and becoming as responsible as possible in our business practices. It’s a journey, not a destination – one we’re committed to navigating, one step at a time. And if you have any advice on “green” slippers- shoot me an email.

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