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The window wall ruins kit is a great centerpiece for your custom garden folly.

Window Wall Room Ruins


Cottage Corner Room Ruins creates a patio area not connected to a structure. They are perfect for naturalized and low-maintenance...
Small Window Nook Cottage Ruins two pieces with Fireplace Ruins and family

Garden Ruins Window Seating Nook


Our Window Nook Ruins kit is the smallest, most versatile "building block" when designing your personal patio ruin. You can easil...
Are garden folly fireplace kit is a fast and easy way to create a stunning backyard centerpiece.

Garden Ruins Fireplace Wall

Fireplace Ruins is a patio centerpiece. Easily creates a spot for relaxing or entertaining. Combines with other ruins kits from o...

Estate Wing Wall Instructions


Download a copy of the Estate Wing Wall Instructions that comes with your kit. This is for any fireplace. The PDF below is the la...
Brimley fireplace kit in buff with attached seat walls

Estate Wing Walls


Estate wing walls add elegance to your fireplace. They make your fireplace appear larger and add separation between your patio an...

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