Summerset Sizzler 32" grill burner detail

Summerset Grills and Grill Carts

Professional All-Stainless Grill Carts are Perfect for an Outdoor Kitchen on Wheels.

Summerset 32″ Professional Grill

The Most Grill You will Ever Need

Sizzler 26″ Built-in Grill

The Smallest Sizzler 26" Grill is NOT Small

Summerset Grill Carts are a perfect fit for any Backyard Patio

The grill cart—these versatile gems are perfect for anyone who wants the thrill of grilling without the commitment of a built-in island. Whether you’re renting, dealing with limited space, or just want the freedom to move your cooking game around, a grill cart is your answer. Here’s the kicker: these aren’t your big box store carts; they’re professional-level quality that stands the test of time. Built with the same premium materials as their built-in counterparts, these carts are designed for a lifetime of memorable meals.

Grill Carts Offer Unmatched Flexibility and are the Perfect Fit for Unique Spaces

Grill carts are the unsung heroes of outdoor cooking, designed to serve every lifestyle. Do you have a deck that’s just begging to become a BBQ hotspot but can’t accommodate a heavy-duty grill island? A grill cart is your ticket to alfresco dining without the heavy lifting. How about renters who love to grill but can’t make permanent changes to their space? Grill carts are essentially plug-and-play. No need for construction or a long-term commitment.

Summerset Grill Carts are Where Portability Meets Practicality

For folks with covered porches, grill carts can be a godsend. Imagine this: It’s raining cats and dogs, but your trusty grill cart lets you prep under the cover of your porch. When you’re ready to get those flame-kissed grill marks, just wheel your cart out to grill, rain be damned. And if your outdoor space is limited, like a petite patio, these carts are compact enough to fit but big enough to deliver.

Don’t Settle for Cheap Grills, Sizzler Grill Carts are Quality That Move with You

Don’t mistake the affordability and portability for a compromise on quality. These grill carts are robust and built to last, offering an optimal grilling experience without the constraints of a permanent structure. And hey, if you ever decide to move, your loyal grill cart can come along for the ride!

Summerset Sizzler Grill Carts Feature Top-Quality Components and Design

We get to research, use, and test tons of different grills in the market. Summerset Sizzler line of grills is the best value for dollar of any line of commercial-grade grill on the market. We have parsed through the endless sea of grill options to offer you a highly customizable system that should fit every need at the best price. You can research and compare other grill lines, but there really is no comparison to Summerset’s Sizzler series.

Summerset Sizzler 32

Impeccable Stainless Steel Throughout

Summerset builds everything from #443 stainless steel. Everything is heavy gauge and expertly finished. Burners, Drip Trays, Double-lined hood, 8mm grates, screws- everything is commercial grade for a grill that not only lasts but looks amazing for decades.

Locked-in Briquette Trays

Evenly disperse heat across the entire cooking surface. Commercial-grade locked-in briquette trays ensure an even cooking surface and reduce dead zones. Our commercial-grade locked-in briquette trays will last for years to come!

Sizzler 32 Grill Interior Detail Briquettes 2
Summerset Sizzler grills are easy to clean

Pull Out Drip Tray

This drip tray was seven years old when this picture was taken. Moreover, this grill lives on my patio 24/7/365. This not only shows the thoughtful features that make owning and maintaining these grills a pleasure. This shot shows just how high-quality the components are.

Many Cooking Options

PRO, no PRO, tube burners, cast burners, Infrared and sear burners, the list goes on. You can use rotisseries, griddles, heat zone separators, carts, drawers, no drawers… The sizzler grill system allows you to find the grill that works for you and the way you like to cook.

Sizzler 32 Pro Interior
Sizzler Pro Burners
PRO grills have cast burners and heat separators for enhanced cooking performance.

What Makes a Grill PRO?

  • Upgraded CAST stainless burners – 14000 BTUs each (12K standard)
  • Heat Zone Separators to control the temperature in sections
  • LED exterior and interior lights to see in low-light situations

NOTE* PRO does not add the rear infrared burner. Rear Infrared burners are standard on 32″ and 40″ grills. There is no rear burner or PRO version for the 26″ grill.

Jake’s Take

Jake cuts through the marketing hype to tell you the real deal.

I Always Assumed Pro Grills were Expensive and Overpriced.

Boy, I was wrong! After two summers, my second cheap “stainless” grill was rusting. The heat shield was shot. the burners were in sad shape and couldn’t keep the heat on windy days! The model grill I purchased was replaced by a new “better” model that didn’t fit my custom island. I saw an endless expensive future of buying and replacing cheap, disposable grills. Moreover, I was never happy with the looks or performance of the grill that I had spent time and money on. I decided to buy what I deserved and chose a professional Summerset grill. That was over eight years ago, and Grilling has never been better. It performs great and is easy to clean. I leave it outside exposed all year long with only a small cover. There is no rust. My Sizzler grill looks as good as the day I installed it eight years ago. With a little bit of time and oven cleaner, I can make it look brand new, except for the ceramic briquettes. ( I still feature my used Summerset Sizzler grill for photos on this website.) They still make things like they used to, and they are worth the price. YOU are worth the price. I would never dream of replacing my Summerset grill! Now I’m on a crusade to stop people from buying cheap, disposable grills. So- even if you don’t buy from us, please don’t buy a cheap disposable grill. Buy a grill you’ll be proud to own.

If You Haven’t Experienced a Professional Built-in Grill, You Won’t Believe What You’re Missing

There’s really something special about using a professional built-in grill, especially when you compare it to the cheap ones out there. For me, it’s all about the experience. With a professional grill, you get an unmatched performance, the heat is consistent, and the control you have is precise. Then there’s the look of it; the gleaming, high-grade stainless steel just oozes class and adds a touch of elegance to my backyard. There’s also a reassuring heft to it – you can tell it’s built to last. But the biggest difference? It’s in the taste of the food and the joy of grilling. It’s like the difference between listening to music on a budget speaker versus a high-end sound system. The superior burners and heat retention (along with available rotisserie kits and IR burners) remove any doubt about whether you can make a specific meal outside. Their quality, durability, and performance let you tackle the job with confidence.

Beige Stone Grill Island with Scass Grill smoker and beautiful countertops.

Looking for a stand-alone Grill Island?

We have several Unity Series grill islands that are freestanding

The Unity Grill Island line features grill stations that will become the cornerstone of your outdoor kitchen and yard. Importantly, Unity Grill Islands offer a premium grill for professionals or an upgrade for passionate home chefs. Moreover, they are all made of top-quality materials with a thoughtful design. Indeed, they will last for decades.

Summerset Grills has the best warranty in the business


Your investment in AMD Direct products is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry. In addition to precision engineering and outstanding performance, AMD Direct products include our GOLD STANDARD LIFETIME WARRANTY with all replacement parts 100% non-prorated. Effective with purchases 8/1/21.

AMD Direct Warranty is valid for the original purchaser at the original site of delivery with proof of purchase and photo documentation only. Registration forms must be submitted online within 30 days of the purchase date to validate the warranty. Warranty is void upon transfer of ownership. Warranty does not apply to products installed in any commercial, rental, or nonresidential application (exception of the Resort Grill, Alturi, & TRL). The warranty covers replacement parts only. The manufacturer is not responsible for labor or labor-related costs. The warranty does not cover discoloration, surface rust, corrosion, or oxidation, which may occur due to harsh environments, chemicals, or overheating. Warranty will not apply for damage resulting from improper installations, abuse, extreme environments, grease fires, or misuse. Proof of regular and proper maintenance is required. Coastal, humid, and/or salt environments are subject to manufacturer review. All out-of-box claims must be made within 30 days of purchase and must be made prior to installation. Any product installed damaged will be considered damaged during installation and not covered under warranty. Warranty and registration forms are available at Please be advised – all display models are sold “as is” and the warranty covers the following items only: main burners (Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty), grates (Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty), and burner covers (Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty). All warranties are subject to the review and approval of the manufacturer.


  • Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty on construction and manufacturer defects
  • Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty on stainless steel construction
  • Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty on cooking grates, burners, burner covers, valves, flame tamers, and heat zone separators, temperature gauges, & hood springs
  • Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty on briquette systems
  • 3 YEAR Warranty on all other parts, components, & electrical, including: LED bulbs, wire harness, & switches; power source wire; transformer; interior halogen light wire & bulb


  • Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty on construction, workmanship, and materials for all stainless steel parts, including doors, drawers, grill liners, & carts
  • 3 years on electrical (Warming Drawers)


  • Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty on covers, including grills, carts, side/power burners, gas griddle & oven



  • Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty on workmanship, construction, & manufacturer defects for all commercial and/or hospitality applications
  • Warranty is void upon misuse, including lack of regular cleaning, vandalism, or theft
  • The warranty is valid only if regular maintenance is exercised. Due to the nature of commercial applications (multiple users, lack of control of use, etc.), regular maintenance is mandatory
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