Summerset 32″ Professional Grill

Step up to the 32" Sizzler Grill and get a large grill of culinary excellence and luxury. Moreover, you are adding a rear infrared burner.

Important Dimensions:

Height20 inches
Width32.5 inches
Depth25.5 inches
Burners5 burners
Total BTUs63000 BTU
Grill Area715 square inches
Scroll down for product drawings with detailed dimensions.
Sizzler 32 Grill

Jake’s Take

Jake cuts through the marketing hype to tell you the real deal.

The Sizzler 32″ Grill: No-Nonsense, Just Pure Grilling Excellence

Alright, folks—let’s cut to the chase. The Sizzler 32″ is not just a grill; it’s an outdoor kitchen. This is the grill for you if you’re the kind of person who wants to do it all: burgers, veggies, rotisserie—the whole nine yards.

Size and Versatility

So, yes, it’s bigger than the 26″. A lot bigger. But that doesn’t mean you’re just burning more gas for the fun of it. Think about it like this: you’re not just getting more grilling space; you’re getting more culinary options. I’m talking meat on one side, and veggies on the other. Or hey, how about a grilling and griddling station simultaneously? The 32″ gives you the space to do all that and then some.

The Rear Infrared Burner: Why It’s a Game Changer

Now, let’s talk about that rear infrared burner. Some folks might say, “Jake, do I really need an infrared burner?” Well, that depends. Do you like perfectly rotisserie-cooked meats? Because this is how you get them. The infrared burner gives you the option to add a world of flavors you might’ve never thought possible on a grill. Think rotisserie chicken that’ll beat anything from a store, or a Thanksgiving turkey that’s the talk of the town.

The Pro Version: Is It For You?

If you’re eyeing the Pro version, know this: it does require an electrical hookup, and it comes with a few bells and whistles like LED lighting and premium burners. Do you need it? Probably not. But if you’re the type that appreciates a bit of luxury in your grilling experience, go for it.

Why Choose the Sizzler Series

At the end of the day, what sets the Summerset Sizzler series apart from the competition isn’t just quality; it’s value. These grills are built to last and designed to perform, without tacking on useless features that you’ll never use. They’re straightforward, they’re versatile, and most importantly, they get the job done and then some.

Go Big or Go Home with the Summerset Sizzler 32″ Gas Grill

Do you hear that? It’s the sizzle of something extraordinary. Welcome to the Summerset Sizzler Outdoor 32″ Grill—a genuine game-changer for backyard culinary aficionados looking for that extra oomph.

Summerset Design and Durability but with More of What You Love

If you were impressed by our 26″ model, just wait until you experience the 32″. With the same high-grade #443 Stainless Steel and double-lined hood, it retains all the durability you’ve come to expect. But here’s the kicker: we’ve added another 12,000 BTU burner, elevating your grilling capacity to new heights.

Turn Up the Heat with Expanded Cooking Capabilities

Choice is the name of the game. Stick with Natural Gas or Propane, light it up with Flame Thrower Ignition, and keep tabs on your temps with the 3″ built-in gauge. But why stop there? Our 32″ model goes further, offering a rear infra-red burner with an additional 15,000 BTUs and a whopping 715 square inches of cooking space. This is large enough for big families and parties.

Pro Version Upgrade: Electrify your experience with LED lighting and ramp up the heat with premium Cast Stainless burners, each boasting 14,000 BTUs. Note that this luxurious upgrade requires an electrical hookup.

Convenience Meets Lifestyle: Next-Level Outdoor Cooking Station

Like the 26″ model, the 32″ comes with double-door storage and fixed shelves. But should you wish to go premium, you now have the option of upgrading to a cart with two pull-out drawers. It’s all designed to make your outdoor kitchen even more functional, allowing you to focus on what really matters: creating mouth-watering meals that leave your guests in awe.

WhyUpgrade Your Outdoor Experience with the Summerset Sizzler 32″ Grill?

When it comes to grilling, size can matter. By stepping up to the 32″ Summerset Sizzler, you’re not just getting a larger grill; you’re investing in a lifestyle of culinary excellence and outdoor luxury. Moreover, you are adding a rear infrared burner.  Therefore you will want to pick up the rotisserie accessory to take advantage of the rear burner’s capabilities.  You can roast chickens while grilling steaks or burgers- and more. Plus, at this level you can upgrade to the PRO version if that is your style. So, are you ready to truly live the sizzle?

Summerset Sizzler 32

Awesome Feature about the Summerset 32″ BBQ Grill with or without Cart

Let’s talk about the biggest benefit of moving up to a Summerset Sizzler 32″ Grill—the Rear Infrared Burner. What if we told you this little powerhouse could catapult your grill game into culinary stardom? With an additional 15,000 BTUs focused on this specialized burner, you’re no longer just grilling; you’re entering the mouth-watering world of rotisserie meats and birds. Imagine perfectly roasted chickens, succulent pork roasts, or even a gourmet turkey for Thanksgiving, all slowly turning on your very own backyard rotisserie. The infrared technology ensures even cooking and that irresistibly crispy skin we all crave. It’s not just an add-on; it’s a game-changer. Don’t settle for the usual BBQ fare when you can give your guests—and your taste buds—a reason to celebrate.

Dimensions for Summerset 32″ Professional Grill

Compare Summerset Grill Options

Sizzler 32 Grill
Sizzler Pro 32

Summerset Sizzler Series


Summerset Sizzler PRO

443 Stainless Steel


443 Stainless Steel

Double Lined with Thermometer


Double Lined with Thermometer

8mm stainless

Cooking Grates

8mm stainless

12,000 BTU Stainless Tube

Main Burners each

14,000 BTU Cast Stainless Steel

15,000 BTU

Rear IR Burner

15,000 BTU

Ceramic Briquettes


Locking Briquette System

Flame Thrower w/ Manual Flash Tube


Flame Thrower w/ Manual Flash Tube


Separate Heat Zones

Yes – One per Burner


Interior Lighting



Exterior Lighting


Rotisserie Kit, Cover, Sear Burner, and Spoiler sold separately


Rotisserie Kit, Cover, Sear Burner, and Spoiler sold separately

Important Downloads for Summerset 32″ BBQ Grill with or without Cart

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