Sizzler 40″ Monster Stainless BBQ Grill

Let’s be real. Owning this grill is owning a trophy. You’re not just feeding people; you’re declaring you’re the King of the neighborhood.

Important Dimensions:

Height20 inches
Width40 inches
Depth25.5 inches
Burners6 burners
Total BTUs75000 BTU
Grill Area885 square inches
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Jake’s Take

Jake cuts through the marketing hype to tell you the real deal.

The Sizzler 40″ Grill: Go Big or Go Home, But Seriously, It’s a Monster

Let’s talk about the beast of the backyard—the Sizzler 40″. I’ve got to be straight with you; this is the grill equivalent of a monster truck. You don’t need it, but man, if you’ve got it, you’re not just grilling, you’re making a statement.

Because Size Does Matter

This thing is mammoth. 885 square inches of grilling surface—let that sink in. That’s not just family-size; that’s neighborhood-size, club-size, maybe even small village-size. Could you handle it solo? Maybe. Should you? Probably not. You might need a buddy or two just to keep up with the action. If you’ve got a local community event, a big church gathering, or just a gigantic family, this grill might be your new best friend.

Own the “I’ve Got the Biggest Grill” Bragging Rights

But let’s be real. Owning this grill is like owning a trophy. You’re not just feeding people; you’re showing the world you’re the King or Queen of the Cul-de-sac. This is the grill that screams, “Look at me!” and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. You worked hard; you earned the right to own a culinary monster.

Is This Grill for Everyone? Heck, No!

Unless you’re hosting massive events regularly, this grill is overkill for the average mortal. If you just want to cook up some steaks for the family, do you really need a grill the size of a small car? No. But if you want to be the talk of the town and grillmaster extraordinaire, then by all means, this is your grill. Just don’t forget to pay the gas bill.

The Summerset Sizzler 40″ Gas Grillis a Backyard Showstopper

Welcome to the magnum opus of backyard culinary adventures—the Summerset Sizzler 40″ Gas Grill. This isn’t just a grill; it’s a statement piece, a talking point, and let’s be real, it’s the ultimate flex. Transform any open space into the grilling mecca you’ve always dreamed of.

The Epitome of Robust Craftsmanship

Much like its smaller siblings, this grill is an engineering marvel in #443 Stainless Steel. You can almost hear it say, “Go ahead, make my day,” as you open the double-lined hood. This is the grill that invites you not just to cook but to perform.

High-Octane Grilling Tackles any Culinary Need

You love options, and this grill offers plenty. With an extra 12K BTU burner, bringing the count up to a whopping five main burners, the culinary possibilities are endless. And let’s not forget about the rear infrared burner, offering a sizzling 15K BTUs. Whether you’re a Natural Gas enthusiast or a Propane purist, the 40″ model has got you covered. The stage is big—885 square inches big. That means you’re not just grilling; you’re orchestrating a full-blown cookout symphony.

Convenience and Luxury Combine for a Personal Grilling Resort

This isn’t just a grill; it’s an all-in-one outdoor kitchen experience. We’re talking about double-door storage, fixed shelves, and locking casters. But here’s where the 40″ model shines—you can opt for a premium cart featuring pull-out drawers. Organize your grilling accessories like a pro. The Easy-clean Briquette System and industry-leading warranty add cherries on top of your investment.

Next-Level Features for the Pro in You

For those who never settle, the PRO version steps it up even further. We’re talking electrical hookups for LED lighting and premium Cast Stainless burners that each offer 14K BTUs. This isn’t just grilling; this is artistry.

Awesome Feature about the Sizzler 40″ XL Grill with or without Cart

With this much real estate space, you will probably have some serious Grilling tools, toys, and accessories.  Normally, there isn’t much you want to store outside in a drawer. But if you have the need or personality to own this beast, you surely have all the bells and whistles to go along with it. You may even have a secret ingredient or two to keep under wraps. This behemoth makes the most convincing argument for upgrading to a deluxe grill cart with drawers. When you have everything, you need places to put it!

Dimensions for Sizzler 40″ Monster Stainless BBQ Grill

Compare Summerset Grill Options

Sizzler 32 Grill
Sizzler Pro 32

Summerset Sizzler Series


Summerset Sizzler PRO

443 Stainless Steel


443 Stainless Steel

Double Lined with Thermometer


Double Lined with Thermometer

8mm stainless

Cooking Grates

8mm stainless

12,000 BTU Stainless Tube

Main Burners each

14,000 BTU Cast Stainless Steel

15,000 BTU

Rear IR Burner

15,000 BTU

Ceramic Briquettes


Locking Briquette System

Flame Thrower w/ Manual Flash Tube


Flame Thrower w/ Manual Flash Tube


Separate Heat Zones

Yes – One per Burner


Interior Lighting



Exterior Lighting


Rotisserie Kit, Cover, Sear Burner, and Spoiler sold separately


Rotisserie Kit, Cover, Sear Burner, and Spoiler sold separately

Important Downloads for Sizzler 40″ XL Grill with or without Cart

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