Sizzler 26″ Built-in Grill

Welcome to the world of the Summerset Sizzler Outdoor 26″ Grill—your personal ticket to transforming any backyard into a culinary paradise.

Made in USA

Important Dimensions:

Height20 inches
Width25 inches
Depth25.5 inches
Burners3 burners
Total BTUs36000 BTU
Grill Area550 square inches
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Jake’s Take

Jake cuts through the marketing hype to tell you the real deal.

Just because this is the smallest Sizzler grill, do not think of this grill as small.

In fact, this is more grill than many people will ever need. One of the main size advantages this professional grill has over grills you find at a big box store is the depth. The depth of these grills adds up to some serious grilling space. In fact, most small to medium families will be happy with this size grill. Usually, when you have lots of guests over for a cookout, you are grilling burgers and dogs. Not only will it hold tons of those, but you are usually rolling through the meats at large gatherings as not everyone sits down at the table for a proper meal. Even if your family does, there is plenty of cooking space. If you do cook for a large family or cook lots of different meats, veggies, and sides when you grill, you may think about upgrading to the 4-burner version- The Sizzler 32″ Grill.

This grill has everything you want and almost nothing you don’t.

The only thing some grillers may want that you cannot get on this grill is the infrared rear burner. I now grill my Thanksgiving turkey in this grill. I use the optional rotisserie attachment. The turkey comes out crispy, golden, juicy, and delicious. So I personally don’t “miss” the infrared burner. But maybe it would somehow be easier or better if it had one. But it definitely isn’t a must-have. Also, this model is not available in a PRO version. But the PRO version needs electrical service to work, and the benefits aren’t worth needing electrical service in my opinion. You can still add cast and sear burners to this grill, just like the larger ones- as well as all the other accessories you may find.

Summerset grills really are an amazing value.

They are heads and shoulders above box store grills in quality, performance, and LOW MAINTENANCE. These grills clean up like new. and the faux charcoal briquettes even the heat and prevent flare-ups. If you are considering a professional outdoor grill, I recommend the Summerset Sizzler series. If you were to spend as much time as we do with built-in outdoor grills, you would soon realize how similar models can be. Moreover, you would learn what features are performative and which ones are sales gimmicks or unnecessary. Summerset sizzler series checks all the right boxes for quality and performance while not wasting time and money with useless features.

Summerset Sizzler 26″ Gas Grill is Your Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Companion

Ah, can you smell it? That delightful aroma wafting through the air is a mix of smoky goodness and sizzling promise. Welcome to the world of the Summerset Sizzler Outdoor 26″ Grill—your personal ticket to transforming any backyard into a culinary paradise.

Unmatched Design and Durability

From the moment you set eyes on its #443 Stainless Steel construction, you know you’re in for a treat. This grill isn’t just built to look good; it’s designed for longevity. A double-lined hood locks in the heat, promising slow-cooked, smoky perfection time and time again.

The Sizzler 26″ Grill Gives You Versatility and Precision Cooking

Let’s turn up the heat. Whether you prefer Natural Gas or Propane, this grill gives you the power to choose. Flame Thrower Ignition gets the party started quickly, and the 3″ built-in Temperature Gauge ensures you’re always in control. Thick 8mm cooking grates and 550 square inches of cooking surface complete the deal, giving you the ultimate space to showcase your culinary skills.

Convenience Meets Lifestyle: All-in-One Outdoor Cooking Station

With double-door storage, fixed shelves, and locking casters, this grill is more than a cooking device—it’s your all-in-one outdoor kitchen. The Easy-clean Briquette System and industry-leading warranty mean you’re investing not just in a grill, but in a lifetime of hassle-free, enjoyable experiences.

Summerset Sizzler grills are easy to clean

Awesome Feature about the Sizzler 26″ Stainless BBQ Grill with or without Cart

Cleaning this Grill is a breeze. The entire bottom is made from quality 443 Stainless Steel removable tray. This tray catches all the dropped food and grease while you cook. Afterward, pull out the drawer and clean your grill. It is such a simple and brilliant design. The devil is in the details, and you will love this detail.

Dimensions for Sizzler 26″ Built-in Grill

Compare Summerset Grill Options

Sizzler 32 Grill
Sizzler Pro 32

Summerset Sizzler Series


Summerset Sizzler PRO

443 Stainless Steel


443 Stainless Steel

Double Lined with Thermometer


Double Lined with Thermometer

8mm stainless

Cooking Grates

8mm stainless

12,000 BTU Stainless Tube

Main Burners each

14,000 BTU Cast Stainless Steel

15,000 BTU

Rear IR Burner

15,000 BTU

Ceramic Briquettes


Locking Briquette System

Flame Thrower w/ Manual Flash Tube


Flame Thrower w/ Manual Flash Tube


Separate Heat Zones

Yes – One per Burner


Interior Lighting



Exterior Lighting


Rotisserie Kit, Cover, Sear Burner, and Spoiler sold separately


Rotisserie Kit, Cover, Sear Burner, and Spoiler sold separately

Important Downloads for Sizzler 26″ Stainless BBQ Grill with or without Cart

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