Metro Series Complete Patio Package

Small outdoor fireplace with seat wing walls
Ashford is shown with optional wing walls. Wood boxes are included.
Our professional grill islands are solid masonry for low maintenance and durability.
Choose a Gas Grill
Our Metro D Grill Island is the best in class and best in value.
-OR- Choose a Kamado

SAVE $500 on a Complete Patio Makeover

Our Metro Compact Fireplace and Grill Island Combo is Great for Large and Small Patios



Quite possibly the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to upgrade a concrete slab into a full-blown “Outdoor Living Area.” This Combo package is also a great set to design and build a patio around. These kits were designed for homes in urban and suburban areas where you don’t want limited space keeping you from having a great outdoor extension to your home.

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space with the Metro Series Complete Patio Package

Key Features of the Metro Series Complete Patio Package:

  • Compact fireplace and grill island perfect for smaller backyards and budgets
  • Includes either a Metro-D Grill Island with a Grill Dome Kamado smoker grill or a Metro-G Grill Island with a 26″ Summerset Sizzler gas grill
  • Easy installation with step-by-step instructions and included materials
  • Spring promotion allows you to save $500 on your purchase

Benefits of the Metro Series Complete Patio Package:

  • Upgrade your backyard with comfort and style
  • Versatile cooking options for ultimate cooking flexibility
  • Excellent value for an affordable price point

Pain Points Solved with our Metro Complete Patio Upgrade :

  • Perfect solution for those limited by a smaller backyard or budget
  • Create an outdoor oasis without breaking the bank

Overall, the Metro Series Complete Patio Package is an excellent choice for those looking to elevate their outdoor living space. With its high-quality design, versatile cooking options, and affordable price point, this package is a must-have for any backyard. Don’t miss out on the spring promotion, and save $500 on your purchase today!

Save $500 on our Metro patio upgrade kit.

Get the Ultimate Party Patio Delivered to Your Home

Looking for a way to elevate your outdoor living space? Look no further than our Ashford Compact Fireplace and Metro Grill Island Combo! With our spring promotion, you can save $500 on your purchase of this all-in-one kit. Our high-quality, compact design makes it perfect for smaller backyards and budgets, and our step-by-step instructions and included materials make installation a breeze. Choose between our Metro-D Grill Island with an included Grill Dome Kamado smoker grill for ultimate cooking versatility or our Metro-G Grill Island with a 26″ Summerset Sizzler gas grill for ultimate ease and convenience. Upgrade your backyard with comfort and style, and enjoy a summer filled with relaxation and fun in your new outdoor living space.

Ashford Compact Fireplace – Premium Quality in a Smaller Package

Small outdoor fireplace designed with small yards in mind

Impress Your Guests with the Ashford Fireplace as the Centerpiece of Your Outdoor Entertaining

Introducing our new Ashford Compact Fireplace, expertly crafted to deliver exceptional quality and design at an affordable price. It’s the perfect addition to your outdoor living space, providing warmth and ambiance for those cooler evenings. Our Ashford Compact Fireplace is designed to fit in smaller spaces and budgets without compromising on style or function.

Fully LOADED and luxurious, our Ashford small outdoor fireplace kit is a complete high-end package at a low price. This wood-burning fireplace kit is smaller than our other DIY kits. It still includes everything you need to enjoy relaxing around the fire. Though the wood storage boxes are included, you can upgrade your Ashford fireplace with wing walls.

Create an outdoor living space that combines the warmth and beauty of a fireplace with the functionality and style of a grill island with our Ashford fireplace and Metro grill island combo kit!

Your Metro Series Complete Patio Package turns any patio into an outdoor living destination that will be the envy of your neighborhood

With our easy-to-install kit, you can upgrade your backyard into the luxurious retreat you’ve always dreamed of. The Ashford fireplace provides a beautiful centerpiece that radiates warmth and comfort, while the Metro grill island offers the perfect spot to grill up your favorite meals for family and friends.

Plus, with our spring promotion, you can save $500 when you purchase the Ashford fireplace and pair it with either our Metro-D grill island with included Grill Dome Kamado smoker grill (which is an egg-style grill known for its versatility and superior heat retention), or our Metro-G grill island with a 26″ Summerset Sizzler gas grill.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create your dream outdoor living space and save big! Order now and get ready to enjoy a summer filled with relaxation and fun in your new backyard oasis.

Get Your Grill On: Choose the Perfect Grill Island to Pair with Your Ashford Fireplace

Affordable Small Grill Island with 26

Experience Ultimate Convenience with Our Metro-G Grill Island and 26″ Summerset Sizzler Gas Grill Combo

Metro-G Features:

  • Summerset Sizzler 26″ grill included
  • Full Masonry Construction
  • Natural Stone Countertops
  • Large Premium Grill Cooking Surface
  • Lifetime warranty on grill construction and manufacturer defects
  • Lifetime warranty on Summerset frame and housing
  • Lifetime warranty on cooking grates, burners, and valves

For quick use and low maintenance

Looking for the perfect combination of convenience and performance in your outdoor grill island setup? Look no further than our Metro-G grill island and 26″ Summerset Sizzler gas grill combo.

The Metro-G grill island is designed with both style and functionality in mind, featuring a timeless stone design that will enhance the look of any backyard. And with the 26″ Summerset Sizzler gas grill, you’ll be able to grill up all your favorite foods with ease, thanks to its powerful burners and durable construction.

But that’s not all – the Metro-G grill island also offers a range of convenient features, including ample natural stone countertop space for food prep and serving.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance grill island that will help you take your outdoor cooking to the next level, choose our Metro-G grill island and 26″ Summerset Sizzler gas grill combo today.

Affordable Small Grill Island-Grill Dome Kamado

Get the Best Cooking Versatility with Our Metro-D Grill Island and Grill Dome Kamado Smoker Grill Combo

Metro-D Features:

  • Grill Dome Large Infinity X2 kamado grill included (silver)
  • DIY friendly non-combustible masonry build
  • Small footprint for small yards and patios
  • Up to 760 Square Inch Grill Cooking Surface
  • Rust Free Design
  • Grill stack and other accessories included
  • Build in a half day

For unparalleled cooking versatility

Experience the best of all worlds with our Metro-D Grill Island and included Grill Dome Infinity X2 Kamado smoker grill combo. This kit allows you to smoke, grill, and even bake with the Kamado-style grill. The Grill Dome Infinity X2 Kamado offers the ultimate versatility, allowing you to cook up anything from juicy steaks and burgers to slow-cooked brisket and mouth-watering pizza.

And when paired with our Metro-D Grill Island, you get a complete outdoor cooking station that offers top-quality materials and professional performance in a compact package. The full masonry construction and natural stone countertops provide a durable and elegant finish that is sure to impress, while the included Grill Dome Infinity x2 Kamado offers unbeatable performance and convenience.

Upgrade your outdoor living space today and enjoy the best of all worlds with our Metro-D Grill Island and Grill Dome Infinity x2 Kamado smoker grill combo.

Helpful Dimensions f the Features included your new complete patio combo

Imperial Dimensions for Ashford Outdoor Fireplace

Metro-D and Metro-G grill Islands are the same size. Pick the grill that fits your cooking style.


Important Downloads for Metro Series Complete Patio Package- Be Informed With our Free Instructions, Dimensions, and Building Guides

Effortless Outdoor Living – Customizable Kits That Install Quickly and Easily

Transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious retreat with our expertly crafted fireplaces and grill islands. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and design at an affordable price. With our streamlined processes and efficient techniques, we can bring your vision to life faster than you thought possible without compromising on quality or style

Experience the Ease and Speed of Our Complete Building System

Our Beginner Friendly System is Designed to Make Kits Easily

These blocks were specially designed to make hardscape features. These are not repurposed retaining wall blocks. This produces easy-to-make kits that save time. The wedge shapes help increase the bonding ability for a solid product built to last.

Achieve a Natural Stone Look With Our Random Stone Layout

Our stones are produced with through-body colored concrete. Then they are tumbled to give them a naturally aged look. The three sizes of block can create seven different face sizes creating the randomly laid appearance of natural stones.

Save Time With Our No Mortar Needed Building System

There is no mess and mixing of mortar. Our kits are simply glued together. You squeeze special adhesive from a caulk gun. This makes construction and cleanup a breeze.

Step-by-Step Guide Build Your DIY Outdoor Fireplace Kit on a Weekend

Build your fireplace in a weekend youtube video

Learn from the Pros – Check Out Our How-To Videos on YouTube

You will learn what to expect when building this project yourself. All of Jake’s kits are perfect for installers or DIYers. You don’t need any special skills or tools. All the pieces you need are included in your kit. There is no cutting or mortaring the blocks. You simply stack and glue the block together.

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