Amazing Tiny Square Patio Ideas

Need small, square patio ideas? We have a simple and customizable patio design for your tiny “basic” patio that is DIY-friendly

Backyard idea with a tiny square layout design that features a stone Fireplace and stone BBQ Grill Island

Tiny and square patios can have all the features that make for a stunning outdoor living space.

People think a small square patio is boring and couldn’t be made into a stunning outdoor space.

Many people think they need a large expansive pad to create a fully functional patio space for entertaining. Nothing could be further from the truth. Using our “pod” design theory coupled with efficient traffic flow, you can create an amazing patio that will add function and value to your home. Our pre-designed layout shows you how easy it can be. You can achieve the same results with similarly shaped “square-ish” patios. Check out our articles on how to design an outdoor patio to find out more.

By using our DIY kits and these layouts based on our proven design criteria, you can have an amazing backyard patio that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

You want a lovely outdoor living space, but you aren’t exactly sure what you want. You are the kind of person who knows what they want when you see it. For many people, our pre-planned design ideas fill the bill. We know what makes a great patio. Moreover, we know how to get the most bang for your buck when installing patios.  Save time and money by choosing our designer patio ideas made to fit an array of backyard sizes and use requirements.

This tiny “basic” patio follows our simple design principles for a failsafe outdoor living space.

People in large gatherings break into smaller fluid pods of two to five people. We use this pod approach to build patios conducive to forming and moving between these smaller social settings.  Instead of getting a massive and expensive open patio that resembles a dancefloor, you get something much more helpful (and natural) at a fraction of the cost. Of course, these designs can be stretched and modified as needed. But you should find these pre-designed patios as an effective and efficient use of space. Moreover, we try to balance and harmonize the indoors with your outdoors.

Homes of all sizes can be found with small uninspired square concrete pads for a patio. Don’t think that your small concrete pad can’t be turned into a stunning outdoor living space. Indeed, square patio spaces- even small ones- can produce a big “wow factor.” The key is to embrace your space and try to make it feel as large as possible. The key to doing this is to give it larger-than-life outdoor features like a fireplace and grill island. Read more as this patio features all the premium features you want to relax after a long day or entertain family and friends for memorable occasions.

This square patio features the outdoor equivalent of a kitchen, dining room, and living room with a fireplace.

These features are placed in areas that make sense functionally. The grill island “kitchen is close to the door for an unobstructed path for hosts to go to and from the house/central kitchen when cooking and serving. This easy access is carried out to the open-concept “dining area adjacent to the grill area. A semi-formal fireplace anchors the outdoor ling area with dual firewood storage boxes. The seat walls add a nice finish to the hardscape pad while adding needed storage. The boxes also add much-needed impromptu seating and table surfaces for larger gatherings. The attached firewood storage boxes are a favorite as they also function as tables for decorations. Guests will find them helpful in holding plates and drinks while mingling with other guests.

This patio design can be further enhanced and personalized with simple yet impactful landscaping.

We recommend adding columnar evergreens by the dining area for privacy. You may also want to incorporate decorative trees, large grasses, or specimen planting just beyond the seat walls for more privacy or natural impact. Once your trees and shrubs have been placed, you can always embellish them with smaller grasses, annuals, and perennials to your taste and maintenance level. We recommend sourcing plants from a local greenhouse or nursery for the best advice, selection, and quality of materials for your softscapes.

You can create a great patio Design on a tiny patio and a small Lot.

Backyard idea with a small square patio design that features a stone Fireplace and stone BBQ Grill Island
You can use this layout on any style of home and decorate it to your taste

Create an envy-inducing square outdoor living space for your small, square patio ideas around $12,000

This patio is shown with the following features:

Masterson Grill Island Kit with included Summerset 32
Firebox with Deluxe wood boxes option in cottage buff

This small, square patio ideas is shown to scale at 18′ wide x 21′ long

This dimension includes the footing needed for a fireplace. You can pour a separate footing off the end of an existing slab as short as 18′ long (18′ x 18′).

You can use our small, square patio ideas to remodel your existing patio or build one from scratch.

Your designer patio has everything you need to have a jaw-dropping small, square patio ideas without breaking the bank. Being outside should feel like being outside. There is usually no need to have large expanses of concrete competing with your landscape. Therefore, these patio designs and layouts are more restrained and personal. They are made to accommodate how people intermingle with each other.  The efficiency of this small patio idea means you may have an existing paver or concrete pad you can use to implement this layout. If you don’t have an existing pad, you can use this design as a jumping-off point when designing and building a patio from scratch. Remember that this envy-inducing square outdoor living space can be achieved on many different-sized patios. The layout will be the same.

We included everything you need for an outdoor living space for entertaining.

This small, square patio ideas has all the premium features that add function and value to your home.

Many people are familiar with how to make a room in their house functional. Yet, they become overwhelmed when it comes to their patio or outdoor living area. Perhaps it is because homes have many rooms and we are more familiar with them. Perhaps the boundaries of the walls and ceiling help us define the space in our minds. But people often want the same things in “outdoor living” as in “indoor living.” We dispel many areas of frustration in our articles about how to design outdoor living spaces and patios. This pre-designed plan will show you an effective way to get the essential building blocks of highly functional outdoor living space for a small, square patio ideas that you can customize and make your own.

Our Patio designs incorporate the outdoor version of the “Big Three” areas/rooms where people gather together in a home.

These rooms are the Living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. The requirements of these rooms are simple. But we will give them some added flair to make a lovely patio will be proud to own at a price you can afford. Since most (if not all) can be done yourself, you can save money and instantly create usability and added value to your home. Done correctly, you will likely add greater value to your home than the money you invested in making your outdoor space.

Your small patio idea has an outdoor “living room” with a fireplace.

Barrington DIY stone fireplace kit with double wood boxes
Barrington DIY stone fireplace kit with double wood boxes

Our envy-inducing square outdoor living space incorporates a DIY fireplace to add a centerpiece and privacy for your outdoor living area.

Our Barrington model outdoor fireplace is a full-masonry stone look kit that you can easily build on a weekend. With our fully customizable outdoor wood-burning fireplace kit, you get the look of a custom stone fireplace at a fraction of the price. Our easy-to-build DIY kits incorporate the stone exterior with the structure, saving you time and money. Therefore, you can easily build a fireplace that looks great without the need for cutting and mortaring stones. The firebox is lined with firebrick for added durability. We include a special refractory mortar in a caulking tube to adhere these firebricks together. It is as simple as using construction adhesive. A few basic tools and a weekend are all you need to build a custom outdoor fireplace that will increase the value and function of your home. Your neighbors will be jealous, but you don’t have to share how cheap and easy it was to build your dream patio!

We call a pair of these wood storage boxes our “Deluxe” option. This is the most common upgrade for your fireplace kit. The boxes give you stylish storage for your firewood. The storage boxes also act as small tables for added functionality.

This tiny “basic” patio has a great built-in grill island “kitchen” a Master Chef would envy.

Masterson Grill Island Kit with included Summerset 32
Masterson-K grill island with 4-burner grill (plus infra-red burner) and the world’s best kamado (in our opinion).

Large Grill island with Grill and Kamado keeps your small, square patio ideas from feeling small.

Cornerstone’s Masterson-G Outdoor BBQ Grill Island is your top choice when choosing the top value in stone outdoor grilling stations. We start with our easy-to-assemble solid masonry stones for a base that is stylish and durable. These are the same blocks used to create all our kits so you know that your outdoor living features will match. Then we add thoughtful features like a spice and sauce shelf and a recessed area to hang your grilling tools. We keep everything low maintenance and high performance. Thus, we top your BBQ grill island with almost twelve square feet of countertop stones. This allows you ample room to prep and serve your meals without the maintenance of other materials.

Finally, we top your outdoor BBQ grill island off with a killer outdoor grill by Summerset. This baby is professional in every way. Full stainless construction throughout, high-output burners, and a lifetime warranty ensure you will be thrilled with your purchase. Since BBQ grill islands are rarely under the roof, we recommend upgrading to the Pro model. Not only do you get better, hotter burners and heat zones, but you also get interior lighting to help you grill when the sun goes down. The interior lighting shines down on the grill and helps when the almes create a backlight and your double-insulated hood blocks the porch light. You’ll be glad you ponied up the extra cash. Rotisseries and sear burners are a matter of preference. But be sure to order a custom grill cover. It will keep your grill looking new.

Backyard idea with a tiny square layout design that features a stone Fireplace and stone BBQ Grill Island- Isolated

Our small patio idea includes a “dining room” for entertaining guests.

This tiny “basic” patio design includes ample room for a dining table featuring a privacy hedge.

Adjacent to your grill island is an entertaining and dining space. This space allows ample room for a small or a large dining set. You can have several people for dinner or a card game. You may opt for a sun umbrella in your table depending on your home’s height and orientation to the sun. We usually recommend adding upright shrubs or bushes for added privacy during dinner. You will also appreciate the natural screening when you enjoy your morning coffee on your new patio. You can enjoy the morning sun in your most comfortable robe without worrying about prying neighbors.

Our simple yet customizable patio plan creates a small patio idea.

Through the smart use of space, you can achieve a patio your friends and family will want to visit- and your neighbors will envy it. The key is efficient sharing of space for movement along and between pods. By freeing our need to move around the pods- along with moving as many features off of the main pad as possible- you can create an enchanting backyard patio that includes the three main components of a stunning outdoor living space. You get a living room, dining room, and kitchen. These “rooms” come with the most sought-after features that will add function while increasing your property value: a grill island with a built-in grill, an outdoor fireplace, and privacy from your neighbors. You get all this with the benefits of outdoor living and room to add flowers and shrubs for a stunning green space.

Have a different problem you need to solve? Is this pre-designed patio not the idea you were looking for? We have several other DIY-friendly patio designs for you to customize. Or, you can follow our guide to designing an effective patio layout for more insights on getting exactly what you want. Be sure to download our Design Guide for more information and actionable steps for creating your dream outdoor living space.

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