Masterson-KC Stone BBQ Grill Station

Masterson-KC Connected Grill Island with Summerset 32

Connected stone grill station with Summerset Grill and Grill Dome Kamado

Fireplace addition with BBQ grill and kamado smoker

Project Duration:
Our Masterson-KC BBQ Grill Station is the complete backyard grilling package. This feature comes with the superb  Grill Dome kamado grill paired with a 32″ Summerset Sizzler gas grill. Grill Dome brand kamados are the best designed, manufactured, equipped, and finished kamado grills you will find at any price. Moreover, these professional grills come with all the accessories other brands make you pay more for. Not to mention, the finish is impeccable. You can find out more about the Grill Dome here.  This world-class kamado is paired with the superb Summerset Sizzler grill. This professional quality grill has the features and power to rival any grill out there. Together, the two make an unstoppable duo. Designed to impress, our grill stations feature top-quality building system and thoughtful design. This upscale grill station will sure to turn your backyard into the ultimate party pad. The Masterson Grill Island will impress the most demanding grillers. Use alone, or pair it with other grill stations to complete the ultimate backyard cooking station.
  • Large Grill Dome kamado grill included
  • 32″ Summerset Sizzler Grill included
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Can be built with grill station on the right or left
  • 795 Square Inch Grill Cooking Surface for Grill
  • Up to 760 Square Inches for the Kamado
  • Lifetime warranty on grill construction and manufacturer defects
  • Rust Free design
  • Lifetime warranty on Summerset frame and housing
  • Lifetime warranty on cooking grates, burners and valves

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The Masterson-KC Stone BBQ Grill Station Transforms Your Backyard Entertaining Experience

The complete backyard upgrade can now be added to your fireplace as a premium add-on. We took our Masterson-K BBQ grill island and modified it to connect to your fireplace with a built-in wood box. The result is our Masterson-KC (connected) grill station. This popular grill station has all the premium features you expect from our Masterson line. We chose the Summerset Sizzler series grill for its professional quality, great looks, and ease of maintenance. It features all of this while being one of the best values on the market. To complement this grill, we chose a large Grill Dome silver X2 Kamado grill. We believe this kamado to be the best on the market at any price. This meticulously crafted kamado comes with all the bells and whistles to step up your grill game right out of the box. Add the premium materials, build quality, and finish to the equation and you have a kamado the neighbors will envy. Just don’t call it an egg (blasphemy)! To add to the premium nature of this outdoor stone BBQ grill station, we include natural stone slabs for a killer look while adding durability while staying low maintenance. We know you want to use and enjoy your backyard grill center, not baby and maintain it.

We didn’t forget to include all the thoughtful design features that make our Masterson line useful and unique. We did leave out unnecessary and expensive stainless drawers and cabinets. You really shouldn’t be leaving many kitchen items outside anyway. Be sure to check out our complete line of grill stations. You can mix and match them to achieve whatever outdoor cooking combo you need. Or, pick from our line of grill islands for our same great offerings in a separate freestanding unit. You won’t be disappointed either way.

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Masterson-DC Stone BBQ Grill Station

"Dome Home" Kamado Grill Island
Grill Island with Kamado and gas grill included - matching Grill Dome shown
Grill Island with Kamado and gas grill included – matching Grill Dome shown

Looking for a stand-alone Grill Island?

We have several Masterson grill islands that are freestanding

The Masterson Grill Island line features grill stations that will become the cornerstone of your outdoor kitchen and yard. Importantly, Masterson Grill Islands offer a premium grill for professionals or an upgrade for passionate home chefs. Moreover, they are all made of top-quality materials with a thoughtful design. Indeed, they will last for decades.

Our Grill Stations allow you to Customize your fireplace in over 750 ways to make it Uniquely Yours

Combine Masterson Grill Stations in tons of ways with and without other add-ons and options. Choose from over 750 unique combinations to build a fireplace that is truly unique. All of our features, kits, and pieces are made to work together in an easy-to-build, easy-to-customize modular system that will help you achieve your ultimate backyard in less time using less money. By using our curated kits, you can know exactly how your outdoor living space will look before you buy. No more paper napkin plans. Choose our premium outdoor living kits and enjoy your dream backyard faster and cheaper than you thought possible.

Masterson-KC Connected Grill Island with Summerset 32
Bremley Outdoor See-Through fireplace Deluxe Estate in Buff
Barrington Fireplace in Gray with Masterson-DC Pizza Oven and Masterson-G Grill Island

Choose from two stone-colored blends

Castle-Gray Blend Outdoor kit color swatch

Castle Gray Blend

Cottage-Buff Blend Outdoor kit color swatch

Cottage Buff Blend

Masterson-KC Stone BBQ Grill Station features the following

Grill Dome X2 Kamado in Stone Grill Island

Grill Dome Kamado

The best Kamado money can buy

Infinity X2 Kamado

* Premium High Gloss Finish with Heavy Duty Ceramics
* NEW! Multi-Tier Stack and Rack System with 8+ Cooking Setups included!
* Powerful FEATHERLITE Lid-Counter Hinge
DIAL-IT-IN Airflow System – Dial in airflow with the DialTop and DialDoor
* Premium 304 Stainless Hinge and Hardware vs. Powder coated hardware
* NEW! High Temp Fiberglass Gasket withstands 1000F
Extra Thick Ceramic Kamado holds the temperature for superior performance

* New Interlock Firebox and Firering design
* Limited Lifetime Warranty

Level 1: 256 sq. in.
With Level 2: 512 sq in.
with Level 3: 760+ sq. in.
Kamado Heat Range: 175°F – 750°F

Summerset Sizzler 32

Summerset Sizzler 32″ Grill

Pro-Level Grill at an Unbeatable Price

**There is no PRO model available in 26″**

Quality you can afford. The latest addition to the Summerset line, the Sizzler Series, is a premium product at an unbeatable price. Constructed in all #443 stainless steel* and designed with careful precision to ensure optimal airflow and even heating, this grill gives its higher-priced competitors a run for their money in both durability and grilling performance. The Sizzler will impress the most discriminating of grillers. The 26″ grill does NOT have an infrared burner. I used my 26″ Sizzler with the optional rotisserie to roast the family Thanksgiving turkey in 2022. It was a smashing success. The bird was juicy and crispy golden brown all around. I don’t know if the infrared burner would have been easier, but I had no issues cooking a marvelous bird.

• Commercial Grade Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel
• Double-Lined Hood
• 8mm Cooking Grates
• 12,000 BTU Stainless Tube Burners
• Ceramic Briquettes
• Flame Thrower Ignition
• Manual Flash Tube Ignition
• Rotisserie Kit Available
• Custom Cover Included via Cornerstone

Upgrade your Masterson-KC Stone BBQ Grill Station

Summerset Sizzler 32″ Pro Grill

Upgraded Grill Adds Performance and Convenience

The new Sizzler Pro 32″ packs tons of features on top of quality construction and affordability. Upholding the same sleek design as our classic Sizzler along with the added Exterior LED Lights, this grill really set itself apart. The interior has also been revamped with 14,000 BTU Cast Burners, Heat Zone Separators and Interior Cooking Lights to make for a premium grilling experience from top to bottom. 

  • Commercial Grade Stainless Steel
  • Double-Lined Hood
  • 8mm Cooking Grates
  • 14,000 BTU Cast Stainless Burners
  • 15,000 BTU IR Back Burner
  • Interior Halogen Lighting
  • Exterior LED Front Panel Lighting
  • Heat Zone Separators
  • Easy-Clean Briquette System
  • Flame Thrower Ignition
  • Manual Flash Tube Ignition
  • Rotisserie Kit Available

Masterson Grill Stations come with these Standard Features

We know how important a functional, durable, and enviable grill island is. So, we make all our grill stations out of non-combustible materials for safety and longevity. While it will probably only take you a few hours to assemble a grill station kit, you will want to enjoy it for years to come. So, we design our grill stations to be low maintenance yet high-performance.

Masterson-VC connected grill island with Summerset Pizza Oven

Comes with Wood Boxes Included

No matter which grill station or combination of our grill stations you choose, you will get a pair of firewood storage boxes included. All Masterson grill stations come with firewood storage built in. The other wood box comes with the kit or is included as a built-in with your grill station combo.

Natural Stone Countertops

Your grill station serves as your outdoor kitchen. Therefore, you need ample room for prep and service. Hence, our grill islands include almost 12 square feet of countertop space. This gives you plenty of room to serve directly from your grilling station.

Barrington Fireplace in Gray with Masterson-DC Pizza Oven and Masterson-G Grill Island
Bremley Outdoor stone fireplace kit with grill station featuring Grill Dome Kamado Smoker, Summerset 32

Tons of Customization

Yeah- we may offer you over 750 ways to configure a fireplace. That doesn’t even count flipping and flopping the components in different ways. That is 750 truly custom ways to configure your dream patio. Don’t worry, our configurator shows you what you get as you change it. Plus, all of our features match and look great together!

Easy to Build

Like all of our outdoor living kits, this grill station is designed to be assembled in a few hours using our unique building system. In addition, the pieces are relatively small, and the instructions are simple to follow. You simply stack and glue the pieces together. No cutting blocks. No mixing mortar. No mess.

Our kits are easy to build for beginners with no heavy lifting
Grill Dome X2 Kamado in Stone Grill Island

Premium Appliances

There are so many brands and styles and features to choose from when planning an outdoor living space. The choices can be overwhelming. If you manage to overcome “analysis paralysis” and choose some items, you are still not guaranteed for them to fit or be easy to deal with.

We have used our decades of experience and knowledge to choose only the best products that offer premium value and peace of mind. We choose products that are low-maintenance, best-in-class, and have outstanding warranties. Plus, we buy made in the USA every chance we get.

Sure, you could spend weeks trying to scour the internet and hobble together a half-baked plan. You can pay someone thousands of dollars and hope they know their stuff. They are still going to mark-up everything they spend your money on. Instead, take the hassles, unknowns, wasted time, and added expense out of your hardscape project. Cornerstone Rocks provides the best value in premium brands coupled with the best building system in the business.

See what our customers have built

Here is a sample of what people like you have built in their backyards. These are not professional builds; these kits were built by regular people with no previous masonry experience.

Important Downloads for Masterson-KC Stone BBQ Grill Station- Be Informed With our Free Instructions, Dimensions, and Building Guides


This kit was one of the easiest DYI project I have ever completed. And I have never worked with stone before. The instructions were for true beginners. It turned out great.

Farrin W.


Dimensions for Masterson-KC Stone BBQ Grill Station

MKC-Frontal-Dimensions for stone DIY outdoor fireplace kit with grill station
Masterson-KC grill station featuring Grill Dome Kamado and Summerset Sizzler Grill with natural stone slabs

Compare Summerset Grill Options

Sizzler 32 Grill
Sizzler Pro 32


443 Stainless Steel


443 Stainless Steel

Double Lined with Thermometer


Double Lined with Thermometer

8mm stainless

Cooking Grates

8mm stainless

12,000 BTU Stainless Tube

Main Burners

14,000 BTU Cast Stainless Steel

15,000 BTU

Rear IR Burner

15,000 BTU

Ceramic Briquettes


Locking Briquette System

Flame Thrower w/ Manual Flash Tube


Flame Thrower w/ Manual Flash Tube


Separate Heat Zones

Yes – One per Burner


Interior Lighting



Exterior Lighting


Rotisserie Kit, Cover, Sear Burner, and Spoiler sold separately


Rotisserie Kit, Cover, Sear Burner, and Spoiler sold separately

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