Grill Island with Summerset Oven and grill

Stone Outdoor BBQ Grill Islands

Choose from Several Stone BBQ Grill Islands for Your Entertaining Needs

You can easily build your BBQ island in a few hours. No special tools or skills are needed.

Masterson D DIY Stone Grill Island Kit with Grill Dome Kamado Buff

Masterson-D Grill Island with Kamado Smoker

The Ultimate Stone Kamado Island for the Ultimate Kamado

The Dome Home- or Masterson D- grill Island is the ultimate island to house the nation's best kamado- the included Grill Dome Infinity X2!

Masterson Grill Island Kit with included Summerset 32

Masterson-G BBQ Grill Island

Professional BBQ grill island kit will firmly establish your outdoor grilling dominance

The Masterson BBQ Grill Island is a premium grilling station in a maintenance free package. It includes a Sizzler grill for professional results.

Masterson K DIY Stone Grill Island Kit with Summerset Grill and Grill Dome Kamado with food

Masterson-K Grill Island with Kamado and Grill

Professional Grill Island with included Kamado and 32" stainless Grill

Be the king of your neighborhood with our Masterson K Outdoor BBQ Grill Island. Includes large Grill Dome kamado and 32" Summerset grill.

Grill Island with Summerset Oven and grill

Masterson-O Grill Island with Pizza Oven

Professional grill and oven in a full masonry BBQ grill island

Masterson-O Outdoor BBQ Grill Island w/Pizza Oven makes a complete outdoor cooking center. Professional Summerset outdoor appliances included

Stone BBQ Grill Islands come with Grills, Pizza Ovens, and Kamado smokers included

Our Masterson series of Grill Islands are professional grilling stations in a maintenance-free package. Designed for decades of use, our grill islands feature top-quality materials and thoughtful design. Our upscale grill islands include Summerset grills and pizza ovens that yield professional grilling performance and durability. We also have what we believe is the best kamado on the market: The Grill Dome. Our Grill Dome kamados come standard in silver to match your stainless appliances. All our Masterson Grill Islands are complete with professional-grade outdoor cooking appliances that yield professional grilling performance and durability. Thus, these gorgeous stone grill islands will impress the most demanding backyard chefs- professional ones, too! Mix and match all our outdoor living kits with other outdoor living features.

Why buy one of our Stone BBQ Grill Island Kits?

1. Avoid Unknown Cost Over-runs

Custom hardscape projects can get expensive fast. You can be out thousands of dollars and still be in the planning stage. Then, you pay for your contractor to troubleshoot their mistakes. Remove costly overhead by using our expertly designed kits. You can customize them to your needs and budget.

2. Stay on Schedule

Getting a result isn’t easy. You have to plan and research materials, products, and best practices (or contractors). Then someone must put the plan into actionable steps. Months can pass before a shovel hits the dirt. Using our predesigned and tested kits to get your project underway.

3. Get a return on your Investment

Now is the time to spend money on your home. Most investments are losing value, and your money loses power sitting in a bank. Put money into your property that you can enjoy. Upgrading your home and expanding its useability isn’t just a monetary investment; it’s an investment in well-being. Moreover, you’ll recoup your investment when you decide to sell your property.

4. Enjoy a Backyard to Envy

You deserve a fantastic personal space to relax and recharge. Moreover, you deserve a rockin’ pad to throw parties and entertain guests. You also know how many hours procuring a rockin’ pad can take. Spend time enjoying your killer patio- not building it. Most of our DIY kits can be built in a weekend or less. You don’t need special tools or skills- our kits are fun and easy to build.

Why buy one of our Stone Outdoor BBQ Grill Islands?

Typical grills from box stores don’t last or save you money

Face it, there are too many options when it comes to choosing a grill or outdoor kitchen product. Plus, your dad grilled with a Weber. Aren’t they good enough? Out of all the grills available, why would you change your system- or choose ours? Valid point. Instead of flaunting all the years of expertise in the field, Let me share my personal experiences. As a red-blooded American, A new grill was always the first new item I bought when getting a new apartment in my youth. But therein is the first issue with box store grills: They constantly need replacement. When I bought my first home, the “premium” stainless grill I bought from my local home improvement store didn’t last long. I had come to believe that no grill lasts. Therefore, when I designed and installed my first grill island, I purposely skimped on the grill. I used a stainless grill from Home Depot from a reputable brand that I separated from its base. I told myself that I could replace the unit a few times for the cost of a professional grill and come out money ahead.

Professional quality grills are worth the investment

Boy was I wrong. After two summers (which flew by) my “stainless” grill was rusting. The heat shield was shot. the burners were in sad shape, and they couldn’t keep the heat on windy days (all spring days)! Now the model grill I purchased was replaced by a new “better” model that didn’t fit my custom island. I saw an endless expensive future of buying and replacing disposable grills. Moreover, I was never happy with the looks or performance of my grill island that I had spent time and money on. I decided to start from scratch and bought a professional Summerset grill. That was over eight years ago and Grilling has never been better. It performs great and is easy to clean. I leave it outside exposed all year long with only a small cover. There is no rust. My grill looks as good as the day I installed it on the exterior. With a little bit of time and oven cleaner, I can make it look brand new except for the ceramic briquettes. ( I have used my old grill for photos as I use it in design prototypes and mock-ups. ) Every year I debate about removing my old grill island and replacing it with my updated design, but I would never dream of replacing my Summerset grill!

Masterson outdoor BBQ grill Islands include the best grilling products

GrillDome Silver Large

Grill Dome Kamado

The best Kamado money can buy


Summerset Oven

Summerset Built In Oven

Premium 304 Stainless Outdoor Oven

The Summerset Oven will bake everything from appetizers to desserts. Now you can add pizzas, poultry, brownies and more to your outdoor menu.

Sizzler Pro 32

Summerset Sizzler 32″ Pro Grill

Upgraded Grill Adds Performance and Convenience

Sizzler Pro 32″ packs tons of features including14,000 BTU Cast Burners, Heat Zone Separators, and LED Lights to make a premium experience.

Summerset Sizzler 32

Summerset Sizzler 32″ Grill

Professional Grill at an Unbeatable Price

The Sizzler 32" grill features full-stainless steel construction. Professional features will impress the most discriminating of grillers.

Masterson BBQ Grill Island kits come with these features

We know how important a functional, durable, and enviable outdoor grill island is. So, we make all our BBQ grill islands out of non-combustible materials for safety and longevity. While it will probably only take you a few hours to assemble a grill Island kit, you will want to enjoy it for years to come. So, we design our grill stations to be low maintenance yet high-performance.

Summerset 32

Built-in Stainless Steel Sizzler Grill

Summerset Sizzler grills are professional in every way. Thus, their full stainless construction and professional features will impress discerning grillers for years to come. However, for those who demand more features, you can upgrade to the PRO model for added convenience.

Natural Stone Countertops

Your BBQ grill island serves as your outdoor kitchen. Therefore, you need ample room for prep and service. Hence, our outdoor grill islands include almost 12 square feet of countertop space. This gives you plenty of room to serve directly from your grilling station.

Non-Combustible Masonry Construction

Just because it is an outdoor kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t burn the house down. Therefore, to ensure you are keeping the family safe, we make all of our BBQ grill islands out of solid masonry. We use solid concrete blocks and stone tops for safety and low maintenance. Rest assured, this grill island will last .

Easy to Build

Like all of our outdoor living kits, this grill island is designed to be assembled in a few hours using our unique building system. In addition, the pieces are relatively small, and the instructions are simple to follow. You simply stack and glue the pieces together. No cutting blocks. No mixing mortar. No mess.

Our kits are easy to build for beginners with no heavy lifting

Looking for a stone BBQ Grill Island connected to a fireplace?

We have several Masterson BBQ grill stations that are fireplace add-ons. Now you can have a fireplace with grill or a fireplace with a pizza oven attached!

Our complete building system gets results fast and easy

Designed to make kits easily

These blocks were specially designed to make hardscape features. These are not repurposed retaining wall blocks. This produces easy-to-make kits that save time. The wedge shapes help increase the bonding ability for a solid product built to last.

Random stone look

Our stones are produced with through-body colored concrete. Then they are tumbled to give them a naturally aged look. The three sizes of block can create seven different face sizes creating the randomly laid appearance of natural stones.

No mortar needed

There is no mess and mixing of mortar. Our kits are simply glued together. You squeeze special adhesive from a caulk gun. This makes construction and cleanup a breeze.

You have Options when choosing your stone Outdoor BBQ Grill Island

Choose from two stone-colored blends

Castle-Gray Blend Outdoor kit color swatch

Castle Gray Blend

Cottage Buff Blend

You can build our kits. Jake walks you through every step.

View our YouTube channel for How-To videos

You will learn what to expect when building this project yourself. All of Jake’s kits are perfect for installers or DIYers. You don’t need any special skills or tools. All the pieces you need are included in your kit. There is no cutting or mortaring the blocks. You simply stack and glue the block together.

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