Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island

Metro D Grill Island three quarter view.

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Pizzoni Stone Pizza oven island kit with Cru Champion oven and built-in storage
Metro-P Small Wood Fired Pizza Oven Island with wood storage and stone countertops with Cru 32 pizza Oven

Compact and Affordable Grill Island with Infinity X2 Kamado Smoker

A Compact stone Kamado Island for America’s Best Kamado Grill

Height38 inches
Width72 inches
Depth24 inches
Weight3500 pounds
Delivery Size2 pallets
Size of masonry grill island without appliance(s)

Skill: Beginner

Project Duration: Half Day

The Metro-D BBQ Kamado Grill Island is a compact grilling and smoking station with America’s best Kamado smoker- the Grill Dome Infinity X2. Designed for small yards and limited budgets. The Metro D grill island features real stone countertops and an intelligent design. This premium kamado island includes a silver Grill Dome Infinity X2 kamado for a high-end look. The silver will compliment other stainless steel equipment. You can always order a custom color for your own personal style. This kamado grill is the best you will find. All the surfaces are machined and finished to perfection. Plus, the ceramic is thicker than competitors, and all parts are 304 stainless steel, not powder-coated steel like other brands. . The Masterson “Mini Dome Home” will impress the most demanding grillers. Use alone, or mate it with our outdoor fireplaces and other outdoor living features.
  • Grill Dome Large Infinity X2 kamado grill included (silver)
  • DIY friendly non-combustible masonry build
  • Small footprint for small yards and patios
  • Up to 760 Square Inch Grill Cooking Surface
  • Rust Free Design
  • Grill stack and other accessories included
  • Build in a half day

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Our Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island comes complete with built-in components and an upscale stone look

Step Up Your Grill Game with the Best Kamado on the Market

Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience with our compact and affordable Metro Series “Mini Dome Home” – the Metro-D Grill Island with Infinity X2 Kamado smoker. Our premium stone grill island includes a large Grill Dome silver X2 Kamado grill, known to be the best on the market for its meticulous craft, unbeatable features, and professional performance. This grill/smoker combo is designed to elevate your grilling game right out of the box, and its premium materials, build quality and finish make it a grill everyone will envy.

In addition to its high-end features, our Metro-D Grill Island is also designed with practicality in mind. We include natural stone slabs for a premium look and durability that stays low-maintenance, so you can use and enjoy your backyard grill center without worrying about constant upkeep.

Premium Features in a Compact and Affordable Package

At Cornerstone, we believe that every backyard should have an outdoor living footprint, no matter the size. That’s why we’ve included premium features in our Metro Series of compact and affordable outdoor living features, including the Metro-D Grill Island. With our complete Metro Series, small patios and backyards can now have all the benefits of outdoor living without sacrificing space or breaking the bank. Check out our full line of Metro Series products to find the perfect fit for your outdoor space.

Castle-Gray Blend Outdoor kit color swatch

Castle Gray Blend

Cottage buff swatch

Cottage Buff Blend

Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island features top-of-the-line grilling options: 

Grill Dome X2 Kamado in Stone Grill Island

Grill Dome Kamado

The best Kamado money can buy

The Grill Dome Infinity X2 kamado is the best kamado on the market IMO. It is made impeccably in Georgia where they care about quality BBQ.

Upgrade your Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island for even more features

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Enjoy your Grill Island 5X Faster Than With Using a Frame Kit

Honestly, I haven’t put a stopwatch on it, but it may be more like 10X faster. Many Frame kits- or even custom frame construction, take days. Usually, DIYers work multiple weekends to build out their Grill Island from the inside out. Even Pros take days to finish. Plus, each successive layer is more costly and time consuming, making your “cheap” frame kit an expensive project. But you can have a grill island in mere HOURS! All you do is stack blocks like Lego. Glue each successive course. Viola! You have a grill Island in half a day- taking your time to get it right. Better yet, no don’t need expensive tools or great skills. All it takes is a dead-blow hammer, a level or two, and a caulk gun. There is no cutting or mixing mortar. Just stack and glue your solid masonry pieces. We even include thick limestone countertops!

Jake and a Metro D Grill Island with matching Kamado smoker

Ditch Time-Consuming Frame Kits: Get a Stone Grill Island in Hours, Not Days, with Our Unique System

Enjoy more grilling and less building. Our unique masonry system allows DIY beginners to build a durable stone BBQ grill island in just hours.

Get Everything You Need to Build Your Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island We have all the information so you can be informed.

Even though building one of our kits is simple. We don’t expect everyone to be familiar with the process. Therefore we offer tons of support materials to help you plan and execute your personal outdoor living space. We have a growing library of articles to help with everything from designing your outdoor dream space- to planning and dimension guides to fine-tune your design. We also make our instructions available so you can familiarize yourself with what is required in building one of our outdoor kits. Of course, you can always contact us with any questions or issues you may have. Be sure to see the Important downloads section for this kit below.

Dimensions for Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island -Ensure the Perfect Fit for Your Outdoor Living Area


Important Downloads for Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island- Be Informed With our Free Instructions, Dimensions, and Building Guides

Check Out Customer Builds of Our Grill Island Kits

Here is a sample of what people like you have built in their backyards. These are not professional builds; these kits were built by regular people with no previous masonry experience.

Actual grill island builds from customers like YOU
Click to customize your Grill Island

Take your design ideas to reality with our Metro-D Small Kamado Grill Island

It seems hard to believe, but you can achieve a professional outdoor living space in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. We have designed easy and fun-to-build masonry kits that a handy beginner can quickly assemble. We have a purpose-designed stone building system created to make creating outdoor living features quick. And since they are solid masonry, they are durable and virtually maintenance-free. Don’t worry about messy mortar. Our blocks are designed to be stacked and glued together- It’s like building blocks for adults! Be sure to watch our videos for more information on what to expect.

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