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Masterson DC Grill Station on Barrington Fireplace

Masterson-DC Stone BBQ Grill Station

Masterson DC BBQ Grill Station is a grill island you connect to your fireplace. Features a Grill Dome kamado for the ultimate exp...
Masterson-G Grill station with 32

Masterson-GC Stone BBQ Grill Station

Masterson GC BBQ grill station is the essential fireplace addition. It includes a premium Summerset grill to establish grilling d...
Masterson-KC Grill station with 32

Masterson-KC Stone BBQ Grill Station

The Masterson-KC BBQ grill station addition features a duo of a Grill Dome kamado and a Summerset Sizzler grill for serious backy...
Masterson OC grill station with Summerset Grill and Pizza Oven

Masterson-OC Stone BBQ Grill Station

Masterson-OC BBQ grill station combines a Summerset gas outdoor pizza oven and Sizzler Grill to take your outdoor cooking to new...
Masterson-VC Grill station with Summerset outdoor gas Pizza Oven

Masterson-VC Stone Pizza Oven Station

Masterson-VC grill station houses a Summerset gas outdoor pizza oven. Pair with other stations for the ultimate outdoor cooking e...
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